Tutta la potenza computazionale di GIGABYTE al CES 2023 thumbnail

All the computing power of GIGABYTE at CES 2023

All the computational power of GIGABYTE at CES 2023 thumbnail

CES 2023 ended a few days ago, during which GIGABYTE – a leading supplier of computer hardware and a pioneer in the technology sector – presented the project named Power of Computing. The aim was to demonstrate the brand’s exceptional crafting ability, capable of propelling contemporary technologies into the future. This has translated into a wide range of business and personal computer solutions.

GIGABYTE news at CES 2023

GIGABYTE brought to CES a hardware server generation, accompanied by its cutting-edge computer technology, capable of offering higher performance despite better energy efficiency.

Also presented one workstation for the corporate market. It is an easy to use interface based on MLOps which allows engineers to train AI models quickly depending on their needs.

Also present cooling solutions GIGABYTE’s air, liquid and immersion heat exchangers, specially designed to increase heat dissipation efficiency. These allow servers to maintain high performance even under load, while reducing carbon emissions.


Also at the GIGABYTE stand at CES 2023, visitors were able to admire also the novelties dedicated to the automotive sector. In fact, with proven experience in developing ADCU (Autonomous Driving Control Unit) and ADAS DCU (Domain Control Unit), GIGABYTE provides the automotive industry with integrated high-performance zonal DCUs and decision control hosts. These, built with a centralized architecture, can be integrated into various design contexts, lowering vehicle production costs.

Finally there are the AERO laptops and the AORUS gaming laptops. Both series feature 13th generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics cards.

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