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All the new features of iOS 16.1

After over a month of beta testing, Apple has finally released iOS 16.1, still adding new features to its operating system. And presenting for the first time a version of iPadOS 16. So, to make it easier for you to use the update, we have decided to collect here all the news that you will find on your iPhones. So sit comfortably. You will need time to read them.

iOS 16.1: all the news coming to the iPhone

ICloud shared photo library

Apple delayed the iCloud shared photo library to fix some of the bugs, but it’s now finally available in the iOS 16.1 update. Thanks to this feature, well six people can share a photo library between them, simplifying the transition between friends and family. And all members can add, edit, add to favorites, edit subtitles and delete photos, and each user can have both a personal library and a shared library. Also, the tools for the exchange between two librariesplus the ability to upload photos to the shared library directly from the camera.

Live activity

Live activities are a new type of notificationactive both with the screen lock and with the Dynamic Island, which allows you to follow something in real time: an approaching Uber ride, a flight, a sports game and more. Coinciding with the launch of the update, there is also an API for live activities for developers, which will allow them to insert them into their apps.

iOS 16.1 live activity

Sharing keys from the Wallet

Car and hotel keys, as well as any other key available in the Wallet, can be shared securely with others via Messages, WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Customizing your lock screen / home screen

By tapping the “Customize” interface on the lock screen, there is now an option that allows you to choose between lock screen customization or of the home screen, rather than just the first of the two. So iOS 16.1 makes it easy to customize the iPhone’s appearance from one place, without having to go through multiple steps.

Apple Fitness+ su iPhone senza Apple Watch

As we have already repeated several times, with the iOS update Apple Fitness + will also be available for users who do not own an Apple Watch, although they will have to give up the training metrics.

Matter support

iOS 16.1 adds the support for the connectivity standard for the smart home Matter, which enables interoperability between smart devices from different companies. This means that HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant devices, for example, can now work together.

Recharge with clean energy

Apple’s update adds a switch to enable the “Recharge with clean energy”In the Battery section of the Settings App. This way the iPhone will try to reduce your footprint by carbon, selectively charging when low-carbon electricity is available. In any case, Apple claims that the smartphone will still reach full charge before it needs to be used according to the daily charging routine. And declares that the function can be disabled if necessary.

iOS 16.1 reload

Removing the App Wallet with iOS 16.1

iOS 16.1 adds the option for completely remove the App Wallet from your ‌iPhone‌. Until now, in fact, they could only remove the application from the Home screen, but without being able to delete it from the smartphone. With the new update, however, everything is possible. After all, the new feature comes just as Apple is facing a lawsuit accusing it of violating antitrust law by making ‌Apple Pay‌ the only mobile wallet available for tap-to-pay payments on ‌iPhone‌.

Percentage of battery in the status bar

Apple adds the battery percentage to the battery icon in the status bar on ‌iPhone‌ XR, ‌iPhone‌ 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini, i.e. on all models that did not already support the option in iOS 16.

New screenshot interface

Apple’s update optimizes the user experience with screenshots. Now, when you close the screenshot editing tool, in the upper right corner you will see an updated interface which offers options to delete a screenshot, copy and delete it, or save it. This menu was in the past at the bottom of the display, so the new interface will be decidedly more elegant and less intrusive.

Visual battery charge indicator in the status bar

With iOS 16.1 Apple added an option to show a visual indication of the battery charge level. Now, in fact, the battery icon changes throughout the day when the battery is discharged or charged, making it easier to realize its status at a glance.

Charging indicator on the lock screen

When charging an ‌iPhone‌, the battery percentage now comes displayed above the time on the lock screen, both when you start charging the device for the first time and whenever it wakes up from sleep mode during the charging process. This way you can view the charging status without unlocking the iPhone. An option not valid for the always-on display.

iOS 16.1

iOS 16.1: wallpaper updates

Apple has updated the Wallpapers section of the Settings App to allow users to switch between wallpapers from this interface. The update also streamlines the design of the feature itself, making the options for adding a new wallpaper more obvious.

SOS emergency via satellite

Apple is starting to lay the groundwork for the integration of emergency SOS via satellite and for “Find My Satellite”, a feature that will arrive on iPhone 14 models starting in November.

Touch volume control for AirPods Pro 2

The beta version of iOS 16.1 adds a new feature that allows you to disable volume control based on touch for AirPods Pro 2.

Books app

In the Books app, the reader controls are automatically hidden when you start reading.

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