All the news announced by LG at CES 2023 in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS – From the stage in South Seas Ballroom at the Mandala Bay Resort in Las Vegas, LG announced a world of new for CES 2023. So many that we could not summarize them all in one article: the technological innovations were simply too many. To put order, in this article we report all the links to the other news that we have published. In order to help you find the news that interests you most among the many announced by LG in Las Vegas.

All the news announced by LG in Las Vegas

The year that has just begun is truly full of news for LG, which at CES 2023 announced many new and innovative products. But not only that: the Korean company also presented several new projects and concrete results for its sustainability efforts, with the tema “Better Life for All”.

The attention to environmental and social sustainability can be felt throughout the brand’s product lineup.

OLED TVs and monitors: LG’s new products at CES 2023

Although it produces all-round technological products, there is one area in which LG never ceases to amaze us positively: that of OLED screens for TVs, monitors and more.

A new generation of panels OLED TV debuts at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, the most awaited novelty for us (also given how much we have appreciated these televisions in the past).

OLED technology turns 10 this year, during which LG has presented several interesting innovations. Like the first TV “Rollable”, presented a few years ago right here in Las Vegas. But this year there are very interesting news like the first one OLED TV 97 pollici 4k and 120 Hz, all with wireless transmission. No cables: the wireless connection with the dedicated box makes this device unique.

But from the CES stage we also saw the brand’s first transparent TV, as well as gaming news such as the arrival of Nvidia GeForce Now e Amazon Luna on TV this year. Along with several new features for webOS, such as Quick Cards that make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Speaking of gaming, LG presented the first monitors OLED UltraGear con refresh rate da 240Hz, which combine image quality with pro-gamer speeds. But if in addition to video you love quality audio, there is also one new series of soundbars that the Korean manufacturer has brought to Vegas.

Really smart appliances

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Lots of news from the world of household appliances LG brought to CES 2023. Starting with a line minimalist for those who love a design no frills and great energy efficiency. Instead the new fMoodUp refrigerator loads of colors: you can choose how to illuminate the refrigerator doors with many color combinations from the ThinQ app, and you can also combine an InstaView transparent door. There signature line instead it has a premium design and the most advanced features available.

The news for the kitchen they are many and all very intelligent, unleashing the power of connected appliances. And with the new one linea ThinQ Upyou can update the appliances so that they are as personalized as possible: dedicated updates from the app to adapt to your needs.

For cleaning comes the new CordZero A9 Kompressor con Steam Power Mop, for clean and sanitized floors like never before. And the new line of air conditioners ArtGallery combines stylish furnishings with a cool, well-ventilated room.

A world of technology and news from LG at CES 2023

The novelties presented by LG at CES 2023 are really many and of great interest. And we haven’t even mentioned the new line laptop LG Gram, which debuts in Las Vegas. The Korean brand has once again raised expectations, announcing new products that add to those already on the market and those announced at IFA Berlin 2022. You can find them all on the LG website.