All the news of Overwatch 2: available for free for consoles and PC

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Overwatch 2 is now officially available, in free-to-play, for PC and consoles (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch). Players will thus be able to discover all the innovations introduced by the new game, such as three new heroes (bringing the roster of playable characters to 35 members), premium cosmetic items, six new game maps, and an unprecedented mode called Escort. In addition to this, the competitive mode has been updated.

The title is also characterized by the cross-playwhich means that you can play online by challenging users from any platform.

Discovering Overwatch 2

Below all the news of the new title:

  • Three new heroes: the game introduces us It’s there, Queen of the Junkere Sojourn. The three join the already vast hero park, which now has 35 playable characters. Additionally, all heroes feature a revamped look with updated skins.
  • New game modes: In addition to the new 5v5 multiplayer format, Overwatch 2 introduces the Escort mode.

OVR S1LaunchPressKit BPSkins Kiriko DD 003

  • Defensive Matrix: a well-rounded approach to tackling toxic behavior by users. This requires activation of mobile alerts in user accounts and includes improved AI machine learning systems to better capture harassing chat messages, third-party binary comparison technologies, improved appeal systems, server-side voice transcription and even more.
  • Renewal of the competitive mode– Added skill rank divisions, a brand new leaderboard, match reports with an overview of session game stats, upgrades for rewards, and the addition of unlockable player titles.
  • Even more three-dimensional characters with more than 40,000 new game audio beats
  • Refurbished Item Shop and Battle Pass: replaced the old Forzieri system. Players will now have a free Battle Pass and a Premium Battle Pass, available for purchase each season. Both versions of the Battle Pass offer a wealth of content to enhance the players’ Overwatch 2 experience. New heroes will also be added periodically after the first two seasons. The Premium Battle Pass costs 1,000 Coins by Overwatch. These are obtainable for free through in-game challenges each season, and are redeemable for the Pass or other items in the new in-game store. Coins can also be purchased for real money.

Battle Pass for Season 1 and Season 2: what you need to know

The Season 1, available right now, includes cyberpunk-themed items, in both the free and paid Battle Pass. Specifically, these are models, emotes, victorious poses, highlights, player icons, lucky charms, sprays, audio lines and much more. The Season 1 Premium Battle Pass includes a new customizable template rank for Genji.

OVR S1LaunchPressKit BPSkins Winston DD 002 1

The Season 2 instead, it will feature a new tank hero (yet to be announced) and a new map. The seasons will follow each other every nine weekseach complete with a unique theme and brand new collectibles with which players can customize their gameplay experience.