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All the news of the Nightmare Fog event on Rainbow Six: Extraction

They are called Crisis Event for a reason, and this time it is not only the Archases that complicate things, but also the senses of the operators. In Rainbow Six Extraction, in fact, Nightmare Fog arrives, which will bring hallucinations due to a new toxic fog that is invading the containment areas. It will therefore be difficult to distinguish the false from the true, but the new mortal enemy is real all right: and it is the Proteus Virgil. In addition, a new Prestige System will allow you to obtain additional XP to increase all Operators by ten levels.

Nightmare Fog: hallucinations arrive on Rainbow Six Extraction

The operators will have to infiltrate the classic containment areas, which however are shrouded in a strange fog. This is able to increase the level of neurotoxins, generating psychedelic effects that even the three days of Woodstock 1969. The operators will therefore have to fight the visions, the perception of imaginary enemies and numerous visual disturbances. A real alien hallucinogenic festival, from which it will be difficult to escape alive.

Fortunately, there are crates of Neurostim around the area, which can temporarily remove the effects caused by neurotoxins. However, these are only available in limited quantities in each sub-map, so it will be essential to think strategically to avoid getting to engage in a fight with the Arks while mentally on another planet.

The Nightmare Fog Crisis Event will last until June 2, 2022and brings with it not only the toxic fog, but also other contents including:

  • Ten new levels of Prestige progression
  • Proteus’s new enemy, Vigil
  • The new adrenaline gun
  • Five new Crisis Studies
  • Themed charms to hold
  • Extra XP in Milestone Progression



We remind you that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction is a Ubisoft game available for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Amazon Luna, Ubisoft +, Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store. Xbox Game Pass owners will be able to find the title included in their catalog.

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