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All the news presented during OPPO INNO DAY 2022

It was held just today, with the theme Empowering a Better Future, OPPO INNO DAY 2022, the annual appointment with which the brand presents all its new products. These can be divided into four different key areas: smart entertainment, smart productivity, smart health e smart learning. A macro division that aims to cover a vast area of ​​the market, from entertainment to productivity, passing through health.

Precisely for reference to the health sector, the brand presented its first branded product OHealth, its new sub-brand which represents the result of enormous efforts by OPPO for the smart health technology sector (just think of the OPPO Health Lab, established in 2021). Thus it was born OHealth H1, a device designed for families capable of combining six health monitoring functions. In particular: blood oxygen measurement, ECG, heart and lung auscultation, heart rate, body temperature and sleep monitoring.

OPPO OHealth H1
OHealth H1

Presented right during the live streaming of OPPO INNO DAY 2022, OHealth H1 presents itself as a portable and super light device (weighs only 95g). The design stands in stark contrast to the industrial look of traditional sanitary equipment. In fact, the device has rounded edges and a concentric oval shape.

OPPO INNO DAY 2022: let’s discover the brand’s new devices

Among the novelties presented today by OPPO we also find the brand new SoC audio Bluetooth MariSilicon Y, which thus expands the family of the MariSilicon line. It is a Bluetooth SoC that takes advantage of the most advanced N6RF process technology and the brand new Pro Bluetooth Pack, a proprietary technology that Increase Bluetooth bandwidth by 50% compared to common Bluetooth SoCs on the market. MariSilicon Y is equipped with the exclusive URLC codec technology and a dedicated NPU with a computing power up to 590 GOPS. It is also capable of transmit ultra-clear 24-bit/192kHz lossless audio via Bluetooth. In practice, users will be able to play audio content wirelessly with all the power of a wired connection.

OPPO Air Glass 2OPPO Air Glass 2

Fans of aR (assisted reality) devices will surely be curious to try out the new ones OPPO Air Glass 2. The smart glasses weigh only 38g and feature a robust yet lightweight design. The device includes the world’s first SRG diffractive waveguide lens developed by OPPO. This, in addition to supporting vision correction, will allow OPPO Air Glass 2 to be almost indistinguishable from normal eyeglasses. Also they will be able to make phone calls and translate in real time, access navigation tools, convert voice to text for people with hearing impairments and provide many other smart features.

“When we are faced with the challenges the tech industry is facing, we believe the only way forward is to keep innovating and push new boundaries,” he said. Pete Lau, Senior Vice President e Chief Product Officer di OPPO during the event. “We want to continue to offer users ever higher quality products and technologies. Technologies capable of providing tools that allow everyone to have a smarter life. In this sense, we will also collaborate with a greater number of partners to meet a better future thanks to virtuous innovation, creating more and more connected and smart experiences.”

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