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All the tech to save on your bill

The energy cost goes up and it seems to us that every Watt consumed by our technological devices takes our money straight out of our pockets. In fact, there are many tech accessories that can help us save bill. Maybe not enough to cancel the price increases, but enough to save us a few euros at the end of the month. So we have collected a few here tech advice to save on electricity and gas billswhich we hope you will find useful to optimize your consumption.

The tech accessories to save on your bills

Saving on your bill often means also reduce our impact on the environment. So your effort to be thrifty is doubly admirable. But we tell you right away that tech accessories can reduce only up to a certain point expenses. For this reason, the techprincess team has also prepared articles on how much our appliances and accessories consume, as well as on how to focus on photovoltaic.

Reduce consumption and use renewable sources, or even just choose a better electricity and gas offer, has a bigger impact on your expenses. But these tech gadgets allow you to optimize your expenses and, in some cases, even reach substantial savings.

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Always evaluate the cost, however, and do not make rash purchases: changing appliances (or even the boiler) ahead of time could cost you much more, despite the greater efficiency. Each house is different, choose according to your needs. We will try to present you with the best options.

The technology to lower the cost of the electricity bill

The bill goes up due to the rise in energy prices, but also because we are increasingly at home. The smart working it increases the consumption of energy and gas (even if you save on the journey). But there are some ways we can regain control of our spending. Here are the best tech gadgets to save on your electricity bill.

Smart bulbs

When we talk about bills, we distinguish ‘electricity’ and ‘gas’. But the truth is that lighting affects relatively little on how much you have to pay in your bill. Especially if you have chosen to use only lampade LED in your home, you will consume between two and four euros per year maximum for each bulb, if you keep it on for eight hours straight.

New philips hue bulbsPhilips Hue lighting

However, this does not mean that you cannot save a few euros per year by managing your lights intelligently, especially if you often forget the lights on. A solution like that of Philips Hue allows you to manage home lighting with your smartphone and with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. You can also buy proximity sensors to turn on the light when you approach and turn it off when you leave. Perhaps at first you will choose this solution also to save money, but soon you will find yourself ad decorate the house with lightsleaving your imagination free.

But if you don’t want to get started with the entire Philips lighting ecosystem right away (which you’ll love), you can also start with something less demanding, like anight light activated by movementlike this excellent of Xiaomi.

But remember, even if you don’t want to pay for smart light bulbs, too just switch to LED lights decreases the costs in the bill. Compared to the old incandescent lamps cthey eat 90% less and even halogen ones consume more than double. You can find them in any hardware or furniture store even at very low prices.

Smart power sockets (both for home and outside)

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Often when you want to save on your bill, you end up blaming the tech gadgets even when they are on standby. The instinct in these times of price increases is di unplug all the plugs in the house. But unless you have really old products, you shouldn’t worry. A TV on standby affects the average bill for around one to two euros per year. A laptop charger for a handful of cents. And the same goes for printers and any other tech accessory you have at home: the cost on your electricity bill is minimal.

But smart power sockets can save you some money and turn out to be too very useful. For example, you can adjust the socket to which you plug the coffee maker so that it is already hot when you wake up. Or you can turn off the socket to which you plug the phone when it finishes charging, or turn off the fan at night during the summer.

This of TP-Link also offers control with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Interesting too the outdoor optionto turn off the lights in the garden and for any other outdoor need.

More and more ecological appliances

Of all the items in this article, household appliances have the biggest impact on your bill electric (if you have gas heating). There washing machine in particular it consumes more than any other device in the house, followed by dishwasher, oven e ferro gives ironing. On average, Italian families consume around500-600 euros per year. More when there are increases.

TCL P082 Series Washing MachinesTCL P082 Series Washing Machines

Buying new appliances ahead of time doesn’t save money. But if you are about to change them, pay attention to the consumption and functionality. In fact, in addition to efficiency, you could for example buy a refrigerator with the glass door like LG’s InstaView: you will not need to open it to understand what is inside, reducing waste. Or you could buy the washing machines that sanitize at low temperaturesand, irons that keep the temperature without waste and much more.

Before even shopping, however, beware of how do you use the appliances. Wash clothes (at least the least dirty ones) a 30 degrees greatly reduces consumption electric. Do not open the oven too many times and turn it off when cooking is finished. Whenever possible to hang clothes outside, save on the dryer. In short: all the advice of grandmothers and mothers are still worth gold. Almost literally.

Focus on the smart home

From appliances to smart light bulbs, all these tech tools have the ability to save you on your electricity bill even independently. But using a hub for the smart home you can take functionality (and even savings) to another level.

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For example, by remotely controlling home lights or appliances, as well as smart thermostats to also save on gas. You can choose different ecosystems, which take advantage of Siri, the Google Assistant, Alexa or another of the many virtual assistants. However, make sure that the tech accessories you buy are compatible with your hub, you will almost always find it indicated on the package.

Electricity meters and apps to analyze consumption

To start saving you need to be aware of your consumption. In this way you can really understand which are the areas in which to go to save, limiting waste as much as possible. Someone prese Wi-Fi (like the ones we have recommended) allows you to read the electricity consumption. But to get a complete analysis of your electricity bill (and how to save) you can use an excellent tech gadget: i electric current meters.

The best ones allow you to analyze the current use of current, the cost of the energy supplied. Showing you graphs to compare consumption and understand where you can go to save. In all likelihood, you won’t find optimizations that cut your bill in half. But especially on older apartments and large houses you might find a way to save a few euros. The Efergy hub you find below is a complete kit for these analyzes.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to avoid investing in a hub that does the accounts for you, you could use a smartphone application like that of Electricity shopping. By entering the various electronic devices that you have connected to your home, the app calculates the cost of the bill. In this way you can evaluate how much your accessories have been used up and decide on a saving strategy. Requires some time and effortbut no investment.

Solar battery charger

Charging your smartphone doesn’t have such a huge impact on your bill. But a solar battery charger could prove useful during trips or situations where you are not close to an outlet (for example on the beach or camping. And if you are willing to leave it in the sun even through the windows of your house, you can charge your smartphone or tablet while working on the computer, for example.

You can also opt for a Power Bank to charge with the sun, to then supply energy to your smartphone when it needs it most. Without sticking to the power line.

All the tech to save on your gas bill

The gas bill in winter has a huge impact on the expenses of every family. Heat the rooms it requires a lot of energy, especially with older and less efficient systems. The best way to save is to try to reduce the temperature in the house, perhaps by covering up a little more. But you certainly can’t freeze to save money: there are some tech accessories to allow you to lower your gas bill, even in an obvious way.

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