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It is a September of passion and between expensive fuel e billsnow comes the squeeze on Traffic Lawsgive her many ai scootershere’s all the news.

Highway code, from fines to scooters – all the news, source DepositPhotos

The ok to the text arrives from Palazzo Chigi

And Palazzo Chigi comes theokwhich many were waiting for text of the legislative decree. In the new highway code there are sanctions for those who drive using their smartphone. In addition to the changes for those who are fined with the speed camera.

Not only that, remote controls are included to fine cyclists and pedestrians for failure to give way. Above all, the time for wild stops is now numbered.

The warning and reasons from the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport

Yes, a few days ago the message from the head of the company is still echoing Infrastructure and Transport: “At the next Council of Ministers, the September 18thwe will bring the final draft of the bill.

Not happy, Matteo Salvini adds: “The The text provides for prevention, education, controls, but also sanctions and ‘beats’ for those who make mistakes. Even with the permanent withdrawal of the license for the most serious facts. L’The objective of my ministry is to reduce the number of deaths on Italian roads: three thousand a year is an unacceptable massacre. For new drivers – let’s think about the deaths in the last few hours – at least for the first years of the license we have foreseen the impossibility of driving large-engined cars. Let’s add heavier penalties for those found driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, the use of mobile phones will be sanctioned and education at school is also fundamental”.

What happens now

At the moment, the Council of Ministers has approved two measures: and bill that introduces interventions on road safety and the delegation for the revision of the highway code.

They are the interventions flag of the minister of the Transportto whom the thanks went president of the Advise, Giorgia Meloni. These are considered “more urgent“, according to the prime minister, “given the numerous deaths on our roads”.

Now, the will of theexecutive is to reach the final approval of the text by the end of the year.

The numbers that lead to the new highway code

Accident victims amount to 3,159 in 2022, according to official data Aci-Stateup almost by 10% compared to 2021, with the resumption of travel after the pandemic. First of all, I am the one who kills distractionIn the 15% of cases.

We add failure to respect the right of way or traffic lights and excessive speed. For stop the massacre the government wants “zero tolerance for drugged or drunk drivers”.

Highway code, from fines to scooters - all the news, source DepositPhotosHighway code, from fines to scooters – all the news, source DepositPhotos

What the new highway code provides: point by point

The squeeze for those who drive while using their cell phones

Forget about texting or making calls while behind the wheel.

The fine is come on 165-660 euros to 422-1697 euroscon suspension of driving license for fifteen days two months after the first violation.

Recidivism within the two-year period, in addition to the accessory sanction of suspension of the driving license from one to three months, already provided for by the code in force, is added the sum to be 644 a 2588 euro. Clearly the ones are deducted points from the license: 8 points for the first violation and 10 points for the second violation.

Over the speed limit

I mayors they rejoice. Precisely at their request the pecuniary administrative sanction arrives up to 1.084 euro and the suspension of driving license from 15 to 30 days, where the same person commits the violation of speed limits within the town center at least twice in a year. The license is also suspended for anyone caught driving against traffic or running a red light.

Speed ​​Cameras

To regulate the use of Speed ​​Camerasthere must be new specific technical parameters of the devices and their positioning.

Driving while intoxicated or under drugs

A hot spot. Who driving while intoxicated or “after taking drugs”. Well the license can be suspended until at 3 years.

For those who relapse, it is forbidden to drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel: the permitted blood alcohol limit is lowered to 0 g/l, for all others the limit is 0.5.

While for narcotics there will be no need to appear in a state of psycho-physical alteration, but the suspicion that they have been taken is sufficient to trigger the immediate test. Then, once tested positive, the license will be revoked and suspended for up to three years.

Highway code, from fines to scooters - all the news, source DepositPhotos

All about alcohol-lock

Repeat offenders must have the“alcol-lock”. This is a system that locks the engine and prevents the car from starting if it detects a blood alcohol level above zero. It must be installed at own expenses by car.

For serious crimes the “Life imprisonment of the driving license” is triggered

Harsh punishment is there revocation of license for life: in the event of very serious crimes being committed behind the wheel, for example for pirate drivers who flee after a road accident.

Heavy fines for those who park in spaces reserved for disabled people

Expensive fines for those who stop or park in stalls dedicated to disabled people: for mopeds and two-wheeled motorbikes they are increased to 165-660 euro (now expected from 80 euros to 328 euros); for cars, vans and other vehicles a 330-990 (now expected between euro165 and euro660).

Fines for those who stop at the bus stop

The fines are heavier if you park in the lanes reserved for buses and all means of local public transport: for mopeds and two-wheeled motorbikes between 87 and 328 euros (now between 41-168 euros) and between 165 and 660 euros for remaining vehicles (now between 87 and 344 euros).

The new guidelines for new drivers

In the Government’s text, new drivers must complete three years of compulsory driving before they can get behind the wheel of a large-displacement car. If a minor is caught driving without a license and drunk or on drugs, she will have to wait until she is 24 years of age to obtain a driving license.

Everything about the viability of the scooter

The moment has come: mandatory helmet for adults both for private and shared ones, license plates and insurance for all scooters. Anyone traveling without a permit or insurance will have to pay a fine between 100 and 400 euros. Prohibition on driving against traffic and on pavements, unless vehicles are driven by hand.

And adds the ban on wild parking and on sidewalks. And a ban on circulation in extra-urban areas: in this case the remote blocking for sharing vehicles is triggered and the managers will have to install automatic systems that prevent operation outside the areas of the city where the circulation of scooters is permitted. Fine from 200 a 800 euro for those who travel with a scooter without indicators and brakes on both wheels. Penalties also apply to those who rig the engine by boosting it or for counterfeiting the owner’s data.

Remote assessments

It will also be possible to contest the violation of the obligation to give precedence to pedestrians and cyclists at crossings through remote checks; as well as the violation of the prohibition on stopping and reserved parking, only in cases where the spaces reserved for traffic police bodies, firefighters and emergency services, pink spaces and spaces reserved for disabled people, electric vehicles, loading/ unloading of goods and public transport services.

The use of cycle paths

Finally, the Joint Conference proposed to intervene with a regulation to expand the list of roads suitable for the creation of cycle paths. For cars, there is an obligation to maintain a distance of one and a half meters from bicycles when overtaking.

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