All the winners of the Myllennium Award 2022: excellence among young people

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Rome – The awards ceremony for the winners of the Myllennium Award 2022the generational award promoted by the Barletta Group and the Foundation of the same name dedicated to Italian excellence under 30. 39 young people from all over Italy they stood out for their innovative and creative projects in 10 distinct categories. At Villa Medici, in Rome, the winners collected their prizes on stage, sharing their experiences accompanied by the charisma of the presenters Emma Stockholm e Pierluigi Pardo.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, Paolo Barletta, President and founder of the Myllennium Award, he said: “With this award we want to give a signal to future leaders, a signal of hope and trust. We are in a historical era of great changes, what has been happening for more than two years has already changed our needs, from housing to working ones just to name a few, and in two years many economies have grown, or born from scratch. , others have been severely tested and need new resources to recover. I believe that the change is taking place, in our lives and in our societies, and that it has an important value from the point of view of the opportunities for the next generations. These will have to dialogue with us, and we will have to be able to understand them. This is the challenge we have before us: to be inspiring, to guide and support the youngest on their journey, mindful of the fact that humanity has always looked to the new generations for their ability to grasp innovations and face the changes that occur today. much faster “.

What are the Myllennium Awards 2022?

The theme of the Myllennium Award 2022 was “The future has Mylle shades” focused on contemporary vision and scenarios destined for ever more sudden and radical changes that will lead (and are already leading) to new jobs and new training will be needed, as well as new solutions and new imaginaries. The focus of change is obviously young people, it is up to them to change the future and the Myllennium Award takes up the challenge.

The Technical-Scientific Committee made up of professionals from the academic and scientific world, economics, industry, journalism, cinema, institutions and sport, evaluated the over 300 candidate projects and selected the most deserving ones.

With its eight editions, the Myllennium Award has exceeded its quota 1 million euros in prizes recognized, all destined to enhance the merit and talent of young people under 30. He has received and analyzed applications with more than 4,800 projects, rewarding beyond 270.

The winners of the last edition

Below are the winners of the 2022 edition of the Myllennium Award by category:

  • MyBOOK: they won the prize Alessandro Schiavone, Gianluca De Bortoli and Martina Vinci with the essay on the theme: 2052, the world in thirty years. What will your typical day be like? While Claudia Neroni, Marta Mancino and Alessandro Cavrioli they developed and won the title What the space race is for: uses, opportunities and changes. What can Italy do to not miss this opportunity? To each, 1,000 euros and the publication of the essay with Gangemi Editore. The Graphic Novel Special Award by Round Robin Editrice awarded the works on the theme Ucronie and parallel universes with a publishing contract and its publication to: Andrea Nuzzo and Luca Vittorio Raiola; Antonio Montano; Ivano Granato; Simone Tentoni and Vittorio Serrenti. Il Premio Special Invictus by Lab DFGfor Sport as a school of life, he went to Sara Rossi and Pietro Gervastri. Both of them have a publishing contract and the related publication with the publishing house of the same name.
  • MyREPORTAGE: is aimed at videomakers, journalists or aspiring such: Gaia Tornitore won 1,500 euros for developing the theme on The latest successes of Italian music in the world. The Stardust Special Award guaranteed a management contract as well as access to his Talent House a Esmeralda Morettiwith its social project Psithurisma
  • MySOCIALIMPACT rewards the best business idea or startup with a high social impact on the community. Wins Build your Future, the consulting and training service that facilitates the work placement of people with disabilities following the principles of inclusion and optimization of company skills. Ylenia Dentice was awarded with 10,000 euros and a trip for the Boston Innovation Gateway program, as well as with the Italiacamp Special Award worth 5,000 euros in consultancy services. In addition, three other Special awards were awarded: a Mirko Cazzato with MaBasta the consulting and training services of the Ashoka Italia Award, a Riccardo Valobra with Cents the Giordano Dell’Amore Foundation award with a pass to Get It! Investor Day. Finally, a Lorenzo Giannini the Ventive Award is awarded with Vesta, with 6,000 euros of Corporate Finance services
  • MyJOB assigns six Masters and one Internship. The best profiles and CVs to be awarded a postgraduate degree are: Sanaa El Hajjaoui alla Luiss Business School in International Management; alla Bologna Business School, Federico Naidi in HR&Organization e Samuel Maiani in Business Management; at Bocconi University in Milan, Gaia Maria Uncini and Luca Amato in Marketing and Communication. Mattia Musso instead he will attend the Master in International Food & Beverage Management at the ESCP Business School of Turin. For the three-month internship, with a value of 3,000 euros, Massimiliano Cinalli will attend the Hepatobiliary Surgery unit at the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Polyclinic Foundation, Catholic University of Rome
  • MySPORT, in collaboration with the National Athletes Commission of CONI, is aimed at national-level athletes under 30, to enhance the skills and attitudes of sports champions in an innovative way, preparing them for challenges in the world of work once their competitive career is over. This year, MySPORT | BOOK rewarded Beatrice Cocci and Davide Mancuso for the two best essays on the topic Sports psychologist vs sports coach. Each € 1,000 and the publication with Gangemi Editore. MySPORT | REPORTAGE I awarded the best journalistic service on the theme Marketing and communication in the sports world. The duo won 1,500 euros Aurora Di Campli and Valerio Neri. Finally, with the best curriculum vitae according to the required criteria, Elisa Ferrari won for MySPORT | JOB a scholarship in Sport Management at the Luiss Business School in Rome
  • MyMUSIC Giuseppe De Candia has realized his dream as a young singer: the song Desperamente Innamorati, after the live performance on the stage of the Myllennium Award, wins the production of the song and the creation of the video clip that will pass on the web portal RDS 100% Grandi Successi
  • MyFRAME: With the Short Movement, Giorgio Ghiotto won the prize of 10,000 euros in cash, post production services with Leone Film Group and the screening at the Marateale 2022 Festival – Basilicata International Award. The Rai Cinema Channel Special Award was instead won by Martino Aprile with Sunshine. For him, a contract for the purchase of the web and free TV rights of his short by Rai Cinema and visibility on, on partner sites and on Rai channels
  • MyCITY: vince Anna Crespi the Yourban2030 Special Award for the category: cash prize and the realization of the blow-up of the work, in the Trieste district in Rome, on a digital mosaic in 100% sustainable bio-resin and equipped with Iot technology
  • Finally, the prize Millennials excellences was won by Frida Bollani she is daughter of art, pianist, born in 2004, always immersed in the world of sounds and music since the age of 7. After several collaborations with important orchestras and theaters, as well as events of public importance, she achieved notoriety in 2021. Among her most moving pieces of her, the piano performance of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. And Giovanni Maria D’Antonio Neapolitan student born in 2003, in 2021 he won the European Philosophy Championship and obtained the fourth place in the world, first European student, in the world competition. He won the gold medal at the Philosophy Olympics in English. Thanks to his extraordinary academic achievements, he was admitted to Harvard University and in 2022 he was chosen to hold a lectio magistralis at the opening ceremony of Procida, the Italian Capital of Culture.
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