Amazon and Cartier file two joint civil lawsuits

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Amazon e Cartier they announced two joint lawsuits against a social media influencer e eight companies. The defendants are accused of having “advertised, promoted and facilitated the sale of counterfeit luxury goods through Instagram and other websites, infringing Cartier’s trademarks and violating Amazon’s policies.”

Cartier and Amazon: legal actions against the social media influencer

The causes, filed with the United States Court – Western District of Washingtonargue that the defendants have agreed to sell counterfeit products e make misleading advertising.

The lawsuits claim that the social media influencer he conspired with other evildoers to try to bypass anti-counterfeiting detection tools by Amazon; as a result, she then advertised counterfeit luxury products on Instagram and her own websites.

Criminals published foto of counterfeit Cartier jewelry on Instagram, while on Amazon and other websites they created generic Cartier product detail pages without any reference to the violation. In addition, the defendants provided customers with a generic link on Amazon or other sites, claiming that if they bought it, they would receive a counterfeit Cartier product.

Among the counterfeit products was an attempt to replicate the iconic bracelet LOVE by Cartierfirst introduced in Cartier’s LOVE collection in 1969. This product was for sale on Amazon listed under non-branded products with the description “Women’s Fashion Classic Screw Love Titanium Steel Bracelet”. There was no reference to the Cartier brand on the product in question; in addition there was an image that carefully concealed the graphic screws of the authentic LOVE bracelet by Cartier.

Amazon’s commitment

Amazon has always been committed to protecting the intellectual property of brands e strictly prohibits counterfeit products in his store. In 2021, the company invested more than 900 million dollars and took more than 12 thousand people dedicated to protecting customers, brands, sales partners and the store from counterfeiting, fraud and other forms of abuse.

Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit is a global team that specializes in conduct investigations e to support legal action against the bad guys. Its goal? Protect consumers and brands. The CCU works closely with the police and with i brand names to investigate and initiate lawsuits, either penalties that civilians.

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