Amazon and Microsoft compete for a new cloud services contract in the US

Amazon e Microsoft si sfidano per un nuovo contratto di servizi cloud negli USA thumbnail

Amazon and Microsoft have become, in recent years, direct competitors regarding the supply of cloud services. After the case of the $ 10 billion deal with the US Department of Defense, won by Microsoft and disputed by Amazon, there is another battle to come. Lthe American NSA awarded AWS a $ 10 billion contract and, this time, it is Microsoft ready to do battle on assignment.

Amazon and Microsoft compete for another supply contract with the US government

According to Microsoft, in fact, the NSA did not follow the correct procedure for choosing the new cloud service provider for its new project (codenamed WildandStormy). A spokesperson for the NSA stressed that theagency will respond to protests following the normal procedures required by federal regulations. It is therefore a question not yet closed. Over the next few months, Microsoft’s protests will be analyzed and a final decision will be made on the award of the new supply contract.

The final decision will come in the coming months

The situation arising from the assignment of the NSA contract to Amazon will be resolved over the next few months. According to what emerged in these hours, in fact, the Government Accountability Office, responsible for assessing the correctness of the contract, will make a final decision on the next matter October 29th. More details, therefore, will arrive shortly.

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