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Amazon and Sanremo Festival: lots of news for Alexa and more

With the Sanremo Festival just around the corner, Amazon is preparing for the event in the best possible way. Let’s find out the news that will affect Alexa and beyond

San Remo is upon us, ready to transport us into the magical atmosphere of City of Flowers. Those who wish to enjoy the big event from home, feeling like one step away fromAriston, can find everything they need on, including comfortable clothing, gadgets and much more at affordable prices. More, has also made available a special showcase dedicated to the Sanremo Festival where you can buy CDs and vinyls and discover the exclusive Sanremo playlists by Amazon Music.

All the news from Amazon in view of the Sanremo Festival

Evenings in the City of Flowers last several hours and that’s important have everything you need to relax and enjoy the show at your fingertips. Therefore, the show cannot start without the right outfit: glittery clothing e bright makeupperhaps with glitter to apply on the face, for those who want to recreate a real star look and surprise friends and family.

Who instead has how goal the most total relaxation in front of the small screen he won’t give up on a comfortable suit, perhaps accompanied by a pair of soft themed socks. On there are many models for all tastes, from the most classic to the most extravagant and fun. They can’t miss one blanket to keep warm it’s a ergonomic pillow for head and backhelping us to maintain a correct but still comfortable posture throughout the evening.

It is essential, then, to get it immediately food and drinks to be enjoyed in time with music. Go ahead then a popcorn, sweet and savory snacks and dried fruitbut also to tè, infusi, cocktail ed energy drink, very useful to arrive at the end of the evening in excellent shape. always has the perfect solution for us, but also for the relatives and friends who will be by our side during these magical evenings.

To make the atmosphere even more special, it is impossible to give up the company of Alexa that with report cards, polls, predictions and much more can’t wait to accompany us during the week of the Festival with lots of news, like yours unreleased song and his Fantasanremo team. To discover them all, just ask, for example, “Alexa, sing the Sanremo song” or “Alexa, what’s going on in Sanremo?” it’s still “Alexa, who will win Sanremo?”.

The voice assistant of the American company will also share his with us impressions of artists, presenters and guests and every day users will be able to vote for their favorite moment from the previous evening with the Survey on San Remo. Furthermore, starting from the beginning of the Festival, by asking “Alexa, Sanremo atmosphere” it will be possible access the playlist dedicated to the competing songs on Amazon Music. If you still don’t have an Amazon device at home, we suggest you take a look at this article.

In short, Amazon has everything you need to make the most of this show, both during and after the various performances, starting today with a special dedicated section. What do you think about it? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss future news regarding the web and social universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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