Amazon announces the stop of activities in Russia

Amazon annuncia lo stop delle attività in Russia thumbnail

Amazon “chiude” in Russia. The decision comes, of course, as a result of the war in Ukraine. The company announced that it has stopped shipping its products to customers based in Russia. At the same time, access to Amazon Prime Video was blocked. Furthermore, a stop to the sale of cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services was announced in recent days. Here are the details of today’s announcement:

Amazon says goodbye to Russia

Even Amazon, therefore, chooses the hard line, abandoning the Russian market (a very secondary market, actually, for the American company). From today, in fact, Product shipments for Russian customers are suspended and also theaccess to Amazon Prime Video is blocked. The company has also confirmed that it will no longer be accepting orders for the game New World, the only video game that Amazon sells directly in Russian territory. Since last week, Amazon Web Services stopped accepting new customers. The measure also affects Belarus.

Other companies follow the same line

Many American and European companies are leaving the Russian market. Yesterday, for example, confirmation arrived that Mc Donald’s has closed over 850 stores in Russia (one of the main markets of the American giant. Similar decisions also come from realities such as Starbucks, Coca Cola e Pepsi.

For the moment, the disengagement in Russia is indefinite. Until the conflict is resolved, all Western companies that have progressively abandoned the Russian market in recent days will continue not to market their products and services in the country.

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