Amazon Echo and Alexa: how to have a smart home

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If you have always wanted a super smart home, where technology reigns, everything is very simple to use and the appliances do the dirty work for you … your dream can come true with Alexa, the voice assistant of Amazon Echo.
Haven’t you ever heard of it? Alexa is one of the brightest examples of using artificial intelligence in daily life. Amazon has, in fact, developed an easy-to-use system that allows you to have an assistant ready to respond to your voice commands. All you need to do is use the right device and use the right command to let it carry out tasks related to housekeeping.

It is neither science fiction nor a luxury that only Tony Stark can afford. Rather, a convenience that Amazon has made accessible to everyone. With a small amount and without major difficulties, you can command your Alexa to turn on the lights, put your favorite TV show, tell you the weather forecast, discover new recipes, make video calls and much more. It also connects to devices such as cleaning robots and appliances, so you can control them remotely.

How to have Alexa at home: the offers on Amazon Echo

Let’s start first of all from the base, that is, come on Amazon Echo products. Before buying a gadget that can be controlled with your voice, you will have to buy a smart speaker, that is an intelligent device that has Alexa and therefore can act as a bridge between you and the object you want to control.

The step is simple:

user -> Alexa -> smart object (light bulb, camera, socket, appliance, etc.)

Find today on offer several Amazon Echo ranging from the cheapest to the most advanced and expensive ones. We suggest two of them.

Amazon Echo Dot, the speaker you can call “assistant”

If you have never had experience with a voice assistant, then Amazon Echo Dot is for you. It is about a small device, with a pleasant and modern design, easy to use and install. You can listen to music, news, set alarms and reminders. Amazon Eco Dot connects to TV and smartphone and even allows you to call anyone with an Echo device, the Alexa App or Skype.

Of course, you can control compatible devices using just your voice. Which ones are they? We will find out shortly.

Amazon Echo Show, the new smart frontier of the voice assistant

Amazon Echo offer

For those who want to dare more and go further, Amazon offers the line Echo Show. This device also connects to Alexa, such as Amazon Echo Dot, the main difference is the display. Amazon Echo Show is equipped with a brilliant screen that allows a more complete enjoyment. With this little tool you can make video calls, watch TV series, video tutorials, listen to music from Amazon Music, monitor your home through mini cameras and much more. This version of the Amazon Echo is particularly useful for those who often use video calls, especially in the family.

Also, every month Audible offers a selection of audiobooks and podcasts to listen to for free on Alexa-enabled devices. To hear them from the Echo device, just say, “Alexa, what’s free on Audible?”

Accessories to enjoy Amazon Echo to the fullest

echo red amazon lotta virusOk, now we have the smart speaker but what do I match it with? Where do I start to transform my house into that of good Tony Stark? You don’t have to spend astronomical amounts. In fact, there are inexpensive devices that can help you understand how the famous smart home works, the smart and connected home.

The smart bulbs that respond to voice commands

Have you just crawled into bed and realize you’ve left the hall light on? No problem, just ask Alexa to turn it off for you, without coming out of the covers. It is not a futuristic scenario. Actually just install smart bulbs. They are very similar to the classic ones but include some components that make them smart.

Smart socket, to have Alexa in every room

Another very popular gadget to start experiencing the world of Alexa is the smart socket. Compatible with most household appliances, this accessory allows you to control the switching on and off of the appliances connected to it. It’s not quite like having a fully intelligent and connected product but it’s a good start.

Mini Cameras, a safe and easy to control home

By installing these mini security cameras you can check your home when you are away or see what happens outside while remaining comfortable on the sofa. Small but efficient, they are equipped with night vision and can be managed via the app. If you have chosen to buy the Amazon Echo Show, you can easily connect the mini cameras and feel safer (or check the trouble that the cat is making), for a minimal expense.

Amazon Echo even outdoors

So far we have talked about interaction with the house that takes place inside the house. In short, with Echo Dot and Echo Show you only speak when you are at home. But what happens when you are out? There is Amazon Echo Auto, a small device created to stay inside your car and do the exact same things as its brothers, from controlling the smart home to managing music playback via the car’s stereo system. In short, all Alexa features will be available even while you are behind the wheel.

A smart home for everyone

Maybe if you were once told that anyone could afford to have a voice assistant, you wouldn’t have believed it. It seemed like science fiction movies, the super rich, or some computer genius. On the other hand, Amazon has made this technology accessible, also in terms of simplicity and use.

The appliances to be connected to Alexa

Imagine yourself on the sofa commanding a robot to clean your floor… Today this is reality, with the robot for cleaning Ecovacs, eg. These are vacuum cleaners / scrubbers that you can manage with your smartphone, or with your voice, thanks to integrated Alexa. This allows you to do the cleaning (or have it done) even when you are away from home. Even the washing machines and dryers most modern ones have this functionality. The Hisense o le Samsung, to name a few. They are no longer expensive or complex, on the contrary, they can be controlled from the phone or with voice commands, which makes them easier to use.

If you are craving coffee, Amazon has also thought about the coffee machine with integrated Alexa. A godsend, right?

Alexa and all Amazon Echo devices are truly perfect for everyone. For the lazy, who can turn on the TV without looking for the remote control, but also for the careless who can entrust their reminders to the efficiency of Alexa. Once you get used to Alexa, you won’t be without it anymore.

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