Amazon: la sua alternativa a Clubhouse ci trasforma in DJ thumbnail

Amazon: His Clubhouse alternative turns us into a DJ

Amazon joins the ranks of companies they propose an alternative to Clubhouse: is working on an app designed for live audio. The project with the code name “Project Mic”Allows you to create and build a live radio show, complete with music. The DJ’s digital version of the radio.

Amazon is thinking of its own Clubhouse alternative

Amazon has been building its own ecosystem of audio products for years now. There are books and podcasts of Audible, Amazon Music, and creators su Twitch and the playlists of Alexa. All these services will allow you to access the new Project Mic, in addition to the app that Amazon is working on. The experience will also be optimized for use in the car, with the possibility of interacting with the “DJs” of the new service as well orally through Alexa. In short: it seems that Amazon wants to reinvent the radio.

Compared to Clubhouse, the Amazon app will allow you to access everything catalog of songs by Amazon Music. But despite this important focus on music, the three main thematic areas should be: pop culture, comedy e sports.

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Spotify is also working on its own version of Clubhouse that allows music to be incorporated, with Apple and Sonos moving in the same direction. It seems that the popularity of podcasts in the United States and the boom in chat audio live di Clubhouse last year they push companies to think about digital versions of radios, with a large social component.

The ability to work with music labels to create a real program “radio”Could be Amazon’s extra value to break away from the pack. Not to mention that the integration in auto and with speakers on Alexa could popularize this format very quickly.

It appears that Amazon is contacting creators to launch the app with gods content curated in the United States. We do not yet know when this new service will arrive, nor if an Italian version is planned. We will keep you informed.

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