Amazon intends to make Alexa a ChatGPT-style AI

Amazon intende far diventare Alexa una AI in stile ChatGPT thumbnail

Amazon would be trying to add a new one chatbot technology AI ad Alexawhich would make the voice assistant able to respond in a more intelligent and human way, just like it happens textually with ChatGPT, Bing Chat and Google Bard.

This was reported by The Verge which cites a series of documents revealed by Business Insider. According to the leaked files, Alexa may soon be able to be, in speech, what popular chatbots are in writing. He could, for example, invent and recite a bedtime story upon request.

Alexa like ChatGPT but by voice: here’s what we know about the integration with AI

At the moment the various AI chatbots use their own language learning model (called LLM). ChatGPT, for example, leverages its own developed by OpenAithe same LLM also used by Microsoft Bing. Google Bardon the contrary, has developed its own AI.

According to The Verge, Amazon is also working on an internal AI language model called Alexa Teacher Model. An Amazon spokesperson told Insider that the company is building a “more generalized and capable” larger LMM that will make Alexa “more proactive and conversational,” noting that Alexa has been using the Teacher model for several years already.

From the leaked documents we know that Amazon imagines Alexa as a thinking entity and not as a technology that “feeds information from a database”. One notable section, titled “Alexa LLM Entertainment Use Cases,” points out that the new technology will make media recommendations, news and storytelling more conversational.

An example shown is that of a user who asks, “Alexa, find that HBO or Netflix show where rich people vacation in Sicily or Hawaii.” At that point the AI ​​understands that it is The White Lotus and at that point it is able to provide the user with information about the cast and the show.