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One UI Watch 5: presented the new Samsung interface

Samsung Electronics unveiled One UI Watch 5, which will be available for Galaxy Watch devices in the coming months with new software designed to deliver even more personalized health experiences

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. presented One UI Watch 5, which will be available for Galaxy Watch devices in the coming months. The new software is designed to offer even more personalized and intuitive health experiences and includes improvements that promote a better night’s sleep – an often overlooked but essential aspect for personal well-being – as well as numerous fitness and safety features.

“Samsung is committed to providing a complete health experience and enabling users to achieve their health goals. Now more than ever, we believe it all starts with a quality night’s sleep,” he said She Pak, Vice President and Head of Digital Health Team, MX Business of Samsung Electronics. “The new One UI Watch 5 continues our ongoing commitment to helping people get better sleep, so they can start each day fully recharged and ready for a new day.”

One UI Watch 5: presented the new Samsung interface

One UI Watch 5: increasingly essential for health

Samsung has focused on three key elements to better sleep: understanding your personal sleep patterns, building healthy habits, and creating an environment conducive to sleep. One UI Watch 5 offers these elements for an even more complete rest experience. The new Sleep Insights UI clearly displays your Sleep Score to give you a more detailed overview of your recent sleep, followed by related metrics such as sleep stages, snoring times and blood oxygen levels. In addition, the Sleep Guide function – customized based on eight different types of sleep – also becomes fully accessible directly on the Galaxy Watch and the paired smartphone, making it more convenient and engaging the way users can monitor their habits at any time and in any place.

Creating a comfortable environment can make all the difference in the quality of sleep, and even minor disruptions can have a major impact. That’s why Samsung has made it easier for you to connect your Galaxy Watch to a variety of devices. Once the Galaxy Watch detects that the user has fallen asleep, SmartThings allows him to turn off connected devices to create an environment more conducive to rest. Sleep Mode quickly turns off notifications and blanks the user’s phone and smartwatch screens, and One UI Watch 5 expands on this feature by now using an infrared sensor instead of a green LED light to further reduce noise.

One UI Watch 5: presented the new Samsung interface

One UI Watch 5: a smarter fitness ally

The Zone function Custom heart rate tracking has been added to Galaxy Watch’s various custom running tools, including real-time run analysis and a custom interval training program. This new function analyzes individual physical capabilities and sets five optimal levels of training intensity (Low Intensity, Weight Control, Aerobic, Anaerobic, Maximum). This way users can set their own goals based on their abilities, from fat burning to high impact cardio.

Outdoor enthusiasts with the Galaxy Watch Pro can count on further benefits, starting with the expansion of the Itinerary function, which now supports running and walking, in addition to the already available hiking and cycling route options. Users of Galaxy Watch Pro they can also search and access the database of GPX files directly through the Samsung Health app and get suggestions for new routes based on data such as location, weather, route rating or popularity.

One UI Watch 5: presented the new Samsung interface

One UI Watch 5: safety first, always on

Safety is a must when it comes to health and well-being, and One UI Watch 5 also offers tools optimized for greater safety. The updates of the SOS function allow you to communicate directly with an emergency telephone number to transmit information about the wearer’s location, and also allow immediate access to the wearer’s medical information once activated an SOS. Additionally, fall detection is now turned on by default for older users to help reduce the risk of emergencies. These are just a few examples of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to improve user safety.

One UI Watch 5 will be available initially on the next Galaxy Watch series later this year with further updates to be announced soon. Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch4 series users in the United States and Korea can sign up for the beta program starting in May via the Samsung Members app. What do you think of the new Samsung user interface? Let us know yours in the comments section, we also invite you to follow our Instagram page, our YouTube channel and stay connected on to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!

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