Amazon sta per lanciare Inspire, il feed che si ispira a TikTok thumbnail

Amazon is about to launch Inspire, the feed inspired by TikTok

From a Wall Street Journal leak, Amazon would be ready to add a feed called Inspirevery similar to those of TikTok and to the Reels of Instagram.

Amazon Inspire, for a new dimension of online shopping

The e-commerce giant is poised to compete directly with TikTok and Instagram, with its Inspire feed. However (or at least for now), Inspire will only be available to US users, with short videos and photographs of product presentations.

Influencers, producers and brands will therefore be able to advertise directly on Amazon the goods that consumers may be interested in buying, thus allowing the online shopping multinational to snatch users from TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.

In fact, the three applications have implemented functionalities of shopping in-applike it shopping livestream e, per Youtube, Shorts.

How Amazon Inspire will work

Inspire will have an icon in the Amazon app lamp.

Once logged into the Amazon feed for the first time, users will have to choose between different interests, ranging from personal care, home, electronics, interior design, travel and so on.

Once the products of interest have been displayed, the articles can be purchased directly from the videos or photos.

Amazon vs TikTok

Amazon Inspire could represent a real problem for TikTok, becoming a worthy competitor to challenge. Not for nothing, the Chinese app itself has funneled into a path for become more and more like Amazonlooking for new staff in fulfillment centers in the United States.

The choice could be dictated by the fact that many users, with their videos, advertise products purchased on Amazonthus postponing shopping on the world’s most famous e-commerce platform.

The birth of Amazon Inspire, therefore, could spoil the plans of the Chinese applicationbut on the other hand it is also true that Amazon itself will have to work a lot to convince American users to buy products through videos and photographs directly in the app.

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