Amazon launches Echo Dot, Echo Dot with clock and Echo Studio in Italy

Amazon lancia in Italia Echo Dot, Echo Dot con orologio e Echo Studio thumbnail

They come up Amazon the new ones Echo Dot ed Echo Dot with clockthe new generation speakers that debut together with Echo Studio. That in addition to making you dialogue with Alexaensures quality sound and spatial audio.

Amazon launches Echo Dot (also with clock) and Echo Studio in Italy

The design of the two variants of the Echo Dot remains similar to what has already been seen in the past, but Amazon has improved these speakers in many ways. First of all with clearer sound e up to double the basswhich are deeper than the spherical and compact form factor.

It also improves the experience with Alexa, thanks to the ability to set a Routine to turn on the air conditioner when the temperature rises, or to play music at a specific time. And with the” accelerometer for gesture controls, just tap the device to pause the music or snooze the alarm.

The new Echo Dot with clock it is also equipped with a improved LED display which shows, in addition to the time, also the title of a song or the name of an artist, the weather, a calculation and much more. Just ask Alexa.

Also comes the new Echo Studio, for those who want really great stereo sound. Amazon ensures that it can recreate the performance of a hifi systemmaking us feel the music just as the artist intended.

It also supports Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio, so you can immerse yourself in sound. And with the new Ice White color it is also very elegant.

The new generation of Echo Dot uses the 95% post-consumer recycled fabric, with 99% of the packaging made of wood fibers. In addition, the devices have a low-power mode to save energy and consume as little as possible. Visiting theAlexa Privacy Hub you can also adjust your data sharing preferences.

Echo Dot costa 59,99 eurowhile Echo Dot with clock he comes 69,99 euro. You can buy Echo Studio per 199,99 euro.