Amazon limits morning-after pill sales in the US

Amazon limita le vendite della pillola del giorno dopo negli US thumbnail

More chaos after the overturning of the Roe ruling on the right to abortion in the United States. In these hours, in fact, Amazon announced his intention to limit the sale of the morning-after pill to a maximum of three units per purchase. A decision made after the demand for emergency contraceptives has grown out of all proportion in a short time. In particular, the platform policy concerns Plan Bthe most popular levonorgestrel pill in the US.

Morning-after pill: Amazon limits sale after Supreme Court ruling on abortion

The decision of the Supreme Court to limit the constitutional right to abortion seems to have strong repercussions also in the tech world. After Facebook and Instagram chose to remove content promoting abortion pills, Amazon has now decided to limit the sale of the morning after pill. There request for emergency contraceptives, in fact, it has grown exponentially. And the shopping platform has tried to limit the purchase as much as possible. For Plan B, for example, the upper limit is three units per week. While for a generic version of the drug, MyChoice, this appears to be at least thirty units.

In any case, as surprising as it may seem to you, Amazon is the latest e-commerce to place limits on the sale of the morning after pill. Also CVS e Walmart they have moved to try to put a stop to the frenzied purchases of users. But always within the limits of respect for freedom of women who choose to take emergency contraception. Beyond this, it is clear that there are other purchase options for those interested: Instacart and GoPuff, to name a few. Or small telemedicine startups like Wisp, Nurx and Stix, which sell generic contraceptive pills.

In this regard, a spokesperson for Wisp stated that the sales of emergency contraceptive products are increased by 40% following a leak of the court decision in May. And in the single day of the Supreme Court ruling, the sales were 25 times the daily average of May. “We have been able to meet the current increase in demand. We are not placing any restrictions on emergency contraceptive pills, ”said the CEO of Wisp. In short, buying the morning-after pill is still possible, with or without restrictions. But Amazon is keen to put a stop to compulsive buying.

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