Amazon offers indefinite smart working for employees

I dipendenti Amazon potranno lavorare in smart working per sempre thumbnail

Amazon will allow its employees to work remotely without constraints. The news obviously concerns only certain teams. Here’s how the giant will organize the work.

Amazon offers indefinite smartworking

Two things are infinite: the universe and smart working for Amazon employees. And I’m not entirely sure of the first. Perhaps the Einsteinian quote is not exactly precise, but the news is. To confirm it is The Corriere della Sera, which lets us know that the shopping giant is reorganizing its work. The proposal is simple: if you are an Amazon employee you can decide to work from home, without constraints. Of course it is not true for everyone, after all it would be quite difficult to move the goods from a warehouse from home. The basic idea, in fact, is that the option is reserved only to certain teams whose productivity is not compromised.

Employees who choose to work from home have only two constraints. The first is what they will have to report to the office if summoned with at least one day’s notice. The second, although you can work from anywhere, is that they are reachable in case of emergency. All Italian employees will therefore be able to work from any point of the boot, but they are asked not to stray too far from the physical location. The Corriere della Sera makes it known that the individual teams will decide how many and which days to grant smart working.

The communication came with an official email to employees and was confirmed on the Amazon blog. In the message, CEO Andy Jassy, he spoke to the employees as follows:

“We will all continue to be evaluated on how we deliver to customers, regardless of where the work is being done. We expect there will be teams that will continue to work mainly remotely. “

This is news in total contradiction to work in the public administration, in which smart working is now destined to end.