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Amazon opens two new micromobility hubs in Italy

Amazon announced today the expansion of its micromobility hub in Italyadding two new structures to Rome and Trento, for a total of six hubs in the country. These micromobility hubs, previously successfully introduced to Milan, Naples, Genoa and Bologna, they are part of Amazon’s efforts to improve the efficiency and sustainability of last-mile deliveries.

Amazon, two new micromobility hubs in Italy

One of the key features of these hubs is the use of electric cargo scooters which allow us to significantly reduce CO2 emissions related to deliveries. They therefore help to improve air quality in cities and reduce noise pollution. This initiative represents a step forward in the process decarbonisation of deliveries.

The benefits of micromobility hubs are particularly evident in cities with a high urban density. Amazon uses these hubs to make deliveries to customers through several eco-friendly modes of transportation, including electric cargo scooters, cargo bikes and foot deliveries.

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Thanks to these hubs, Amazon Logistics partners will be able to deliver most packages to limited traffic areas of historic centres, taking advantage of three-wheeled electric cargo scooters, further reducing the environmental impact of deliveries.

A project to decarbonize deliveries

Gabriele Sigismondi, Country Director, Amazon Logistics Italiacomments: “Micromobility hubs constitute an important piece in supporting the path of decarbonization of our delivery partners’ fleets in a crucial sector such as transportation towards our goal of net zero CO2 emissions by 2040. Amazon is continuing to invest in experimenting with alternative delivery methods. Especially in Italy, where limited traffic zones not only preserve air quality but also the historical and cultural heritage of urban centres, micromobility allows us to offer customers our services without negative environmental impacts in the communities in which we operate” .

The expansion of micromobility hubs in Italy is part of a broader investment by over €1 billion that Amazon has dedicated to electrifying and decarbonizing the transportation network of its delivery partners in Europe. This investment aims to expand the fleet to over 10,000 electric vans for deliveries e 1,500 electric heavy goods vehicles. In 2022, in Europe, Amazon delivered over 120 million parcels using electric vehicles with zero exhaust emissions, of which 8 million in Italy.

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