Amazon presenta Ring Intercom, il dispositivo che ti permette di gestire il citofono da smartphone thumbnail

Amazon presents Ring Intercom, the device that allows you to manage your intercom from your smartphone

Ring, an Amazon company whose mission is to make neighborhoods safer, announced today Ring Intercom, a do-it-yourself addition to compatible intercoms. With Ring Intercom, which improves the functionality of intercoms and is connected to Wi-Fi, condominiums can comfortably talk to anyone on the intercom and open the door of the building, even when I’m not at home.

Ring Intercom, how much it costs and where to buy it

Thanks to the new Ring Intercom device, customers have full control thanks to the Ring app, through which they can open the door contactless for themselves and trusted people and always have an overview when someone rings the intercom or an authorized user enters the stable, even when they are away from home. Until April 27, Ring Intercom is available on and at an introductory price of 49.99 euros instead of 129.99 euros.

Compatible with most audio door phones and many video door phones and powered by a rechargeable and reusable battery, Ring Intercom can be connected to the apartment intercom without having to make structural changes. Plus, the ease of installation makes Ring Intercom the perfect choice for both homeowners and renters.

Ring Intercom, total control with new access features

Ring Intercom introduces new premium features to make everyday apartment life more comfortable and secure, without the need for any type of subscription.

  • Remote opening: thanks to real-time alerts received on their smartphone when someone rings the intercom, customers can talk to visitors via the Ring app and open the door remotely, to give access to the building from wherever they are. The activity log in the Ring app gives you an overview of your missed and answered calls, as well as how many times Remote Open has been used.
  • Shared users: Customers can share Ring Intercom access with their family members, giving them the ability to enter the building, interact with visitors by ringing the intercom, and allow them to be accessed remotely via the Ring app directly from their smartphone .
  • Automatic verification for Amazon deliveries: Customers can choose to receive an Amazon delivery even when they are away from home. This optional feature allows verified deliverymen to deliver Amazon parcels securely within your premises during a limited time, leaving your parcel in a pre-designated safe location, even if you are away from home.
  • Pre-approved host: this function allows customers to assign virtual keys to regular visitors, such as family members or domestic workers, so that they no longer have to wait at the entrance to the building but can access it directly upon arrival. In addition, access can be revoked at any time, without having to distribute access codes and without buying or keeping track of keys. You can also decide when and for how long pre-approved guests can access your building, grant them access 24/7, certain days or only certain times, and change these settings at any time from within the Ring app.

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Practicality, safety and peace of mind for the home

Ring Intercom can be managed via Alexa through compatible devices. By connecting Ring Intercom to devices with integration Alexa, you can answer the intercom even if your hands are full at that moment or you are participating in a video call and allow visitors access to your building. Just say: “Alexa, open the door”. Additionally, you can add camera functionality inside your apartment by connecting Ring Intercom to other Ring devices such as Indoor Cams, for added security.

Ring Intercom uses your existing intercom system to initiate an encrypted two-way conversation through the Ring app, allowing users to answer calls only when someone rings the intercom. You can also customize your ring-related settings with the Ring app privacy and to safetymanage shared users and enable or revoke their access at any time.

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