Amazon Q, the AI-based assistant for businesses

Amazon Q, l'assistente basato sull'intelligenza artificiale per le aziende thumbnail

Amazon Q is the assistant of artificial intelligence which allows employees to ask questions and receive information about your company. The new technology was announced by AWS CEO Adam Selipsky.

The new artificial intelligence assistant, Amazon Q

The new AI-based assistant is called Amazon Q and was announced by AWS CEO Adam Selipsky. It works as an AI assistant that allows users to ask specific questions regarding their businesses, using company data.

There are various aspects that company employees can learn more about thanks to Amazon Q, such as company guidelines on using the logo or understanding another engineer’s code for maintaining an application.

How you can use Amazon Q

Using Amazon Q is very simple: access is possible via AWS Management Consoleindividual company documentation pages, development environments like Slack, and other third-party applications.

Amazon Q is compatible with all models on Amazon Bedrock, the AWS repository for AI models, which includes models like Meta’s Llama 2 and Anthropic’s Claude 2. Furthermore, companies will be able to choose the model that best suits their needs.

Amazon, new collaboration to block fake reviews

The opinions of Amazon customers have been crucial since the company introduced reviews in 1995. Last year 125 million customers have left nearly 1.5 billion opinions and ratings on Amazon.

To ensure transparency, Amazon strictly prohibits false reviews that may intentionally mislead customers with information that is not objective, authentic or intended for that product or service. There are models of machine learning which analyze thousands of data to identify risks. By evaluating relationships with other accounts, login activity, opinion history and other indications of anomalous behavior. But Amazon explains that it uses expert investigators using advanced tools.

By doing so, in 2022 Amazon has blocked over 200 million suspicious opinions. But, unfortunately, the use of Illegal intermediaries dealing in “fake reviews”. These intermediaries try to trick review monitoring systems with increasingly sophisticated methods, contacting consumers directly via websites, social media and encrypted messages and offering them money, products or other benefits to write fake reviews.

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