Amazon Shake Your Xmas: Christmas outside the box

Amazon Shake Your Xmas: Natale fuori dagli schemi

Amazon unveils the 10 most new and desired Christmas styles and many ideas to transform Christmas into a truly unique experience, let’s find out everything in this dedicated article

We spend the whole year dreaming of the arrival of the Natale, the moment in which we can indulge our imagination, become children again, stay with the family, surround ourselves with lights, decorations and colors. Each of us carries memories of past holidays in our hearts, but each person is unique, as is their Christmas. Some imagine it as tradition, others want it completely different, because who said that there must be Christmas only one?

There are those who love the atmosphere of North Pole, dreaming of the whiteness of the snow and the brilliance of ice and crystals. Who would like to wear a flower garland and spend the holidays in the heat with their feet in the sand on one tropical beach. Or again, those who want to take a dip in the past and who, instead, a real leap into future to feel like in a cutting-edge city or in a spaceship. In short, whether you go to your dream destinations or spend your holidays at home, everyone has a favorite Christmas style and Amazon.

Amazon Shake Your Xmas: Christmas outside the box

Here are the most original and desired Christmas styles

But what are the most original and desired Christmas styles? He reveals it to us Amazonwith the top10 of the best inspirations: Arctic Christmas, Tropical Christmas, Futuristic Christmas, Vintage Christmas, Glam Christmas, Gourmet Christmas, Natural Christmas, GenZ Christmas, Fantasy Christmas and Green Christmas.

For those who have not yet found their style or do not want to limit themselves to choosing only one, do not worry, why not shake for Christmas? For example, it is possible to mix two or more styles according to your tastes and personality and create a large Christmas table creating a truly suggestive and exciting contrast that will leave everyone speechless.

An original idea is to combine the pineapple-shaped decoration by ISAKEN, with an exotic soul, with the Christmas table runner in fake fur by Gukasxi that embodies the essence of the Arctic, insert a futuristic gem using the crystal mirrors of GOLD & CHROME UNIQUE DESIGN as under plates and, complete with Glasseam’s glass vase with golden honeycomb floral decorations, to illuminate everything… et voilà! If you want to add a green touch, an idea is to add the metal bread box with linen bag by LARS NYSØM whose box, made of bamboo, can also be used as a cutting board. There are no rules, after all it is true that everyone has their own style, but what unites everyone is the desire to share it with those you love.

Amazon Shake Your Xmas: Christmas outside the box

Each style can live not only in home decorations, but also in the party menu

With Amazon, every style can live not only in the decorations of the casabut also in the party menu, in ideas to pack for the luckiest travelers and, of course, on the gift list. In short, everything is just a click away: in the Made in Italy showcase you can find many representative products made in Italiaa way to support and promote craftsmanship and the territory, in the Launchpad showcase it is possible to search for innovative products, perhaps made by start-ups, in the Climate Pledge Friendly showcase, on the other hand, you can find the most sustainable, that help preserve the environment.

Finally, with Prime, unlimited shipments are guaranteed in 1 day on 2 million products and in 2-3 days on many millions morea great opportunity especially for those looking for last-minute gifts.

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