Amazon supports Passkeys, instead of passwords

Amazon supporta le Passkey, al posto delle password thumbnail

Amazon increases the security of online accounts with the introduction of Passkeya login system that promises to replace traditional passwords. This innovative feature is now available on the web version and on iOS devices, Also in Italywith Android support coming in the next few weeks.

Amazon and Passkey support, goodbye to passwords

Activating Passkey is a quick and simple process. Users can set this up by logging into their Amazon account and selecting “Account e liste,” Then “my account,” and finally “Access and security.” From here, they can activate Passkey by clicking the “ buttonSets up.” Additionally, Amazon allows you to set multiple Passkeys on a single account, which is especially useful for profile sharers.

One of the interesting features of Passkey is that users can save their key to iCloud or a Google account, offering greater flexibility in managing access to your Amazon account. However, as Tech EveryEye reports, Amazon has highlighted that even those who have two-factor authentication enabled will need to confirm their identity with a one-time codealthough it’s unclear whether this will be required every time you use Passkey.

Passkey is a significant step forward in direction of eliminating passwords, a goal shared by many web giants. Amazon is not the first to introduce this technology, as Windows 11 also supports it for login.

Abandonment of traditional passwords makes protecting online accounts easier and more secure, as they Passwords can be vulnerable to theft, hacking and identity theft. Passkeys offer a more secure and efficient way to access online services, paving the way for a future where passwords could be a thing of the past.

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