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Amazon: too many returns? The company now monitors returned products frequently

Amazon is the company preferred by most people because it has immediately made available a very convenient feature, namely the free and immediate return of products which weren’t good. In the last period, however, the giant has realized that some customers are not taking advantage in an exaggerated way. Here is the solution he decided to implement.

How will Amazon track the frequency of product returns?

Amazon, in recent months, has begun to notice that its customers often take advantage of the return option. Option that made the company unique in the world and the favorite of many.

For this reason, it has decided to warn customers that an item they are about to buy has been “often returned”. The notice suggests customers to check “product details and customer reviews” before buying.

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The introduction of the ‘often returned’ warning, according to The Information, comes as i returns have become a costly problem for the e-commerce industry, in general after costs have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Another problem that has emerged is that many of the garments, once returned, have resulted unsaleable. This is because they are often found with strange odors or because they have been mistreated. One solution could be to dispose of these clothes in second-hand shops.

Amazon Prime day resi

Amazon Prime: what it is and how it works

The advantages of Amazon Prime are many and let’s try to briefly summarize them below (continuing with the article all the details of each single solution):

  • deliveries in 1 business day for all products marked “Amazon Prime”;
  • free access to the catalog Amazon Prime Video;
  • free access to the ebook service Prime Reading (not to be confused with Kindle Unlimited);
  • unlimited photo archive with Amazon Prime Photo;
  • access to 2 million songs with Amazon Music (not to be confused with Amazon Music Unlimited);
  • access to Twitch Prime;
  • early access to Lightning Deals are;
  • access to the Amazon Fresh service (available only in some Italian cities);
  • service Deliveroo Plus included in the subscription+.
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