Amazon Web Services lancia il 2023 European Defence Accelerator thumbnail

Amazon Web Services lancia il 2023 European Defence Accelerator

Organizations operating in the defense and national security sector around the world are faced with many complex challenges. These include the growing cyber threat, climate change and the rapid evolution of advanced technologies. To meet these challenges, defense and homeland security organizations are increasingly adopting the cloud. To help its customers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is launching the AWS European Defense Accelerator – which will help accelerate defense startups.

Amazon Web Services lancia l’AWS European Defense Accelerator

Amazon Web Services has announced its accelerator which aims to support startups from all over the world who want collaborate with defense and national security organizations in Europe. The goal of the accelerator is to provide startups advanced AWS Cloud technologies to develop mission-critical solutions for defense customers.

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The AWS European Defense Accelerator program has a duration of qfour weeks and is made up of a mix of technical, commercial and mentoring activities. Selected startups will receive AWS compute credits, specialized AWS training, and consulting by experts in the field of defense and national security. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to work closely with industry leaders. Who will be able to provide them with personalized mentoring.

Eligible startups must demonstrate that they have existing customers and revenues and be able to use AWS Cloud services to solve homeland security and defense mission challenges in the following areas: energy resilience, secure information sharing, sensing and decision making, quantum and cyber resilience.

Le candidature per l’AWS European Defense Accelerator 2023 they are open from 31 March to 19 May 2023. For more information on how to apply, visit the official website. Also, for more details on the digitally enabled public solutions provided by AWS and how AWS and Plexal support defense public sector customers, visit their websites.

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