AMC’s smart cookware transforms everyone into a chef

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AMC presented his new cooking system M30 s, which allows you to cook with extreme simplicity and with excellent results. In fact, you can make excellent dishes by adjusting the cooking using the cooking system on the knob of the pots or using the your smartphone with the Cook & Go app, to cook even remotely. The real revolution of smart cooking.

AMC presents the new M30 s cooking system: the kitchen becomes smart

For many people, cooking is a passion and the results are mouth-watering. But between home, work, family, hobbies and all other activities, find time it is not always easy. For this reason AMCa company born in Germany but present in Milan since 1970produced a really interesting solution.

In fact, unlike the ready-to-eat foods that you can buy at the supermarket, you can keep the healthy and tasty diet of a dish cooked in case by reducing cooking times up to 80%. Indeed, the products will be healthier than those you normally cook. In fact, the AMC cooking method allows you to roast meat without adding fat (with 50% fewer calories), or cook the vegetables without adding water. This leads to preserving vitamins and minerals by up to 50%.

All this by cooking at a controlled temperature ideal for food: no burns or problems. All taste and extreme simplicity. In fact, AMC invited us at techprincess to an exclusive lunch, where we tried to cook a rice by simply inserting the ingredients and starting cooking, with excellent results. And the same with a tasty octopus, with virtually no added fat, but with all the flavor. Smart sensors even allow you to adjust the start and end of cooking – cooking has never been easier.

Controlled and smart cooking

To simplify the work of those who cook, the closed circulation speeds up cooking and makes it healthier. When heated from the bottom, the humidity present in the food rises to the top and then cools when it comes into contact with the walls and lid of the pot. So she comes back down, creating a closed circulation. More efficient and capable of preserving the taste and nutritional properties of food.

This is also possible because the lid closes the pot perfectly, making the steam circulate easily. While the ergonomic handles Thermobloc they have a ceramic insert to block the propagation of heat. With the rest of the pot in astainless steel shoe guaranteed for 30 years and suitable for any cooking, even induction.

With lid Secuquick you can turn all AMC pans into tools for quick cooking, reducing times by 80% and reducing energy requirements by 50%. The cover EasyQuick instead it allows you to cook the most delicate foods below 100 degrees Celsius, to save up to half the gas and time.

In addition to this physical plant for one effective and healthy cooking, AMC also pairs connectivity, which makes cooking even easier. This allows on the one hand to further simplify cooking for those who do not want or familiar with cooking. But also enthusiasts will be able to try tasty recipes, it will only take a lot less time. Freeing up hours for family, friends or your hobbies.

How AMC’s new M30 s cooking system works

The new system brings an improved version of Audiotherma fast cooking device capable of easily adjust the temperature in a pot, so as to cook or brown to perfection. But there is also the possibility to adjust the times for programmed cooking and even allow sous-vide cooking, to cook meat and fish under vacuum.

amc cooking system M30s min

The knob is also updated Visiothermwhich offers an improved design to display the temperature inside the pot.

Navigenio instead it is the plan of mobile cooking in ceramic glass which allows you to easily control the entire process. In fact, you can increase or reduce the power supply of this hob to keep the food hot when, for example, you return home after the set time, by adjusting everything with the Audiotherm system for programmed cooking. And you can even take it with you on a camping holiday, to better adjust the cooking wherever you are.

AMC cooking system M30s glass ceramic hob min

L’app Cook & Go

Finally, AMC’s cooking system smart devices can connect to the Cook & Go app, which allows you to manage everything comfortably from your smartphone. You can in fact start cooking even remotely, memorize cooking programs to be recalled if necessary (so you only need to understand the cooking times you prefer system that interfaces with the cooking systemand allows you to take advantage of the kitchen to eat at your best.

app Cook & Go

But all this intelligence isn’t the only reason for choosing AMC. In fact, the pans have a non-stick bottom, with diameters yes 20, 24, 28 and 32 centimetersthe. The bottom Akkutherm it allows to spread the heat evenly, guaranteeing cooking even with the flame out for energy saving. They have removable handle for your convenience.

We found this possibility of cooking in a very interesting technological way. If you too have tickled your interest (or appetite), you can visit the official AMC website and discover each cooking system of the company. You can also request a Cooking Show AMC to experience the products.

Antonio Albano, General Manager of AMC Italy he explains: “We are proud to be the first to bring a real revolution into the homes of Italians since for us the quality of the product and the constant commitment to research are the key to achieving excellence in the kitchen. 2020 saw us active protagonists despite the many difficulties: we quickly changed our business model, created digital cooking shows, invested in our social channels to always be alongside our customers. And today, thanks to our new cooking system, we aim to change the face of the kitchen, providing a culinary experience focused on reliability, simplicity, speed and excellent results. “.

Cooking has never been easier: with AMC just choose the ingredients and take advantage of the best technology for stellar dishes.

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