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Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses become even smarter

EssilorLuxottica e Meta announce important software innovations, Meta AI updates and a broader product assortment for smart glasses Ray-Ban Meta. Starting today, all Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in the US and Canada will integrate Meta AI con Visiona multi-modal AI technology that allows you to understand the world around you through the built-in camera.

Ray-Ban Meta become even smarter: the news

Lots of new features coming for the smart glasses born from the partnership. The glasses will assist users in writing captions for photos, translating road signs or identifying objects, making it even more useful in daily life. Furthermore, the software introduces the possibility of making video calls sharing your view on Whatsapp e Messenger. This feature will be gradually introduced in various countries.

Rocco Basilico, by EssilorLuxottica, highlights the introduction of Meta AI with Vision, marks a notable leap forward in terms of usefulness for the user. The CEO thinks that although the concept of wearable technology is now known to consumers, many are asking: “can it get even smarter? More creative? More productive?”. The answer lies in Meta AI con Vision.

Ray Ban Meta sunglassesRay Ban Meta sunglasses

Furthermore, the product assortment expands with the new model Skyler, inspired by the iconic jet-set style of the '60s, and with new exclusive shades for Transition lenses. The collection now offers 30 models that can be combined in hundreds of possibilities.

Furthermore, here comes the first one limited edition of smart glasses, in collaboration with the Scuderia Ferrarion the occasion of the 2024 Miami Grand Prix. They will cost 499 euro and will be perfect for Formula 1 fans.

You can find the latest Ray-Ban Meta models on the official website.

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