AMD FidelityFX coming in June with lots of surprises!

Will AMD FidelityFX technology also arrive on Nvidia and Intel GPUs? Meanwhile, it will debut in June, and will be different from Nvidia’s DLSS. Here are the details known so far

After a long wait, an indiscretion arrives that reports specifics about the new technology AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, which apparently will debut in June, but will be different from the DLSS that we have seen proposed by Nvidia.

In any case, the rumor reports that it will most likely be able to run on GPUs from other manufacturers as well. Coreteks, well-known youtuber, he published several rumors then reported by the videocardz site. At the moment even the technology of AMD it would already be in the hands of the developers, ready to implement FidelityFX in several titles.

AMD FidelityFX coming in June with lots of surprises!

AMD FidelityFX coming in June with lots of surprises!

AMD FidelityFX, unlike the work done by the DLSS, which basically aims to work in the final part of the graphics pipeline, the FSR should implement a super sampling algorithm. The goal would be to upscale for higher resolution. Allowing minimal impact on machine performance. AMD in this way would try to get higher graphics quality, without impacting performance.

AMD FidelityFX coming in June with lots of surprises! AMD FidelityFX coming in June with lots of surprises!

Obviously, at the moment we are talking about a non-definitive version, so the final version may be different from what is currently reported. We currently don’t know how AMD will implement the technology overall OS and across multiple GPU models.

In fact, the youtuber, the main source at the moment, explained that several data are still missing to be able to make an equal comparison with Nvidia’s DLSS technology. AMD’s strategy apparently is that of create open technologies, unlike Nvidia which relies on technologies that tend to be proprietary. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

The AMD FidelityFX article coming in June with lots of surprises! comes from allotek.

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