I social americani rimuovono una campagna pro-USA: è la prima volta thumbnail

American social networks remove a pro-US campaign: it’s the first time

For the first time eight social network americani have decided to remove uin the countryside proUSA“, Which supported American interests in seven different languages ​​with bots and fakes. Among the social networks that have made this decision Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter e YouTube.

American social media remove a pro-US campaign abroad

Of the influence of Russia on Facebook during the US election campaign in 2016 there has been a lot of talk. As well as of the block at fake news during the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion or the fight against newspapers run by anti-democratic states on social networks and on Google. But it never happened that campaigns of pro-USA propaganda.

According to the researchers of theSandford Internet Observatory and the research company Graphikathe campaign spread fake news and statements of non-existent personalities in Russian, Arabic, Urdu and four other languages. And according to Meta, which controls Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the campaign started right from the United States of America.

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According to Twitter, the provenance includes both the US and the United Kingdom. But the concept is the same: usually these disinformation campaigns came from Washington’s enemies, this time it was directed against them.

The Kremlin has repeatedly shown us how social media can highlight the hypocrisy of Western governments, undermining the confidence of citizens. Beijing on the other hand has exploited them for “Clean up” your image, especially for the territorial conflicts it has with minorities in its borders. This time, however, to use these tactics it seems an American entity.

However, observers report that they have not received a large following. Fake accounts had few followers: only 19% had more than a thousand. But this decision of the social networks remains an historic first.

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