American teenagers only want iPhones as smartphones

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The US is a target market for Apple and its range of iPhones. This is a well-established trend which is confirmed by the results of a recent survey. Nearly 90% of American teenagers have an iPhone. Apple Watches are also very popular among very young Americans.

For American teenagers, the iPhone is (almost) the only choice

In the 2012so 10 years ago, 40% of American teenagers owned an iPhone. Today, however, this percentage has increased dramatically reaching the87%. The confirmation comes from a recent survey that also highlights how the iPhone will be the next smartphone for 88% of American teenagers. These results confirm Apple’s success and, of course, will ensure further growth for the Cupertino house’s services.

Me too‘Apple Watch it is quite common among American teenagers, although not at the level of iPhones. In fact, 31% of respondents currently own an Apple Watch out of an overall share of 36.8% who own a smartwatch. Also in this case, therefore, Apple confirms itself as an absolute reference in the American market.

Apple is now a reference for the new generations of Americans who do not seem to have slowed down in the adoption of the products of the Cupertino house with a decidedly high access price. The future should continue to confirm this trend. IPhones and Apple Watches will be a reference for American teenagers for a long time to come.