Amiga 500 Mini is official and will arrive in early 2022

Amiga 500 Mini è ufficiale e arriverà ad inizio 2022 thumbnail

The trend of releasing retro consoles in mini format continues, in order to satisfy the nostalgia of fans. In the past we have already been able to get our hands on the miniature version of the first Sony, Nintendo, Commodore and Atari consoles and now it’s time to Friend 500 Mini, announced on the official Facebook page of Retro Games Ltd just a few hours ago.

Amiga 500 Mini is official

Amiga 500 Mini will be developed by the same company that created the original version and will be distributed by Koch Media. As you can see in the images published on the social network it will be a miniature version of the home computer of the late 80s and early 90s and will guarantee a perfect emulation not only of the original console, but even of theAdvanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) dell’A1200.

Amiga 500 Mini will be sold together with an original style 2-button mouse and 8-button gamepad, slightly revised from the past to allow the player to choose the control method. The on-screen keyboard completes the picture, with the possibility of connecting a standard external PC keyboard for additional functions.

From the point of view of games, we have already included 25 of them belonging to the catalog of the great classics of the times. These include titles of the caliber of: Another World, Simon The Sorcerer, The Chaos Engine, Worms and many more. As if that were not enough, it will then be possible to load your games via USB stick.

Finally, the company has also unveiled the price and release date of the new miniature console, which should be available for purchase starting from the first months of 2022, with a introductory price of $ 129.99. A specific date has therefore not been revealed yet, but it is likely that the latter will be revealed soon along with the latest technical details.

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