An Apple patent shows how a keyboard key can become a mouse

Un brevetto Apple mostra come un tasto della tastiera può diventare un mouse thumbnail

A new patent from Apple anticipates a possible surprising novelty for the future of the range of macOS devices. According to the documentation filed by the company, in fact, it could be realized in the future a keyboard with a removable key to be used, once detached from its position, as a real one mouse wireless to pair with MacBook or any other macOS device. Here are the details:

A button that becomes a wireless mouse with the new Apple patent for the future of macOS

The Apple’s new patent anticipates really special news for the future of macOS. Apple could, in fact, make one keyboard with removable key. This key would be able to become a real (super compact) mouse wireless to be used in conjunction with your macOS device. The key surface may be touch sensitive in order to emulate the capabilities of the Magic Mouse.

A possible solution?

Although very compact in size, a detachable key on a keyboard could include all the functionality needed to be used as a wireless mouse. The solution anticipated by the patent that appeared online in these hours could represent an interesting evolution of Apple’s range of accessories. Of course, many patents are destined to remain so. It is not said, therefore, that Apple really realizes such a solution. More details, as always, will come in the future.