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An independent study anticipates the future of B2B e-commerce

Alibaba collaborated with the research company Euromonitor International to give life to the sindependent study The Future of B2B E-Commerce: Online Platforms. This study involved buyers and sellers of the B2B sector in Italy, Germany and Spain and collected insights on B2B e-commerce, highlighting the sector’s trends and future prospects.

The results of The Future of B2B E-Commerce: Online Platforms study

According to data from The Future of B2B E-Commerce: Online Platforms survey, B2B e-commerce is expected to expand over the next 5 years. In Italyin particular, one should achieve one growth of 16.4% by 2026 (this is a lower figure than that recorded in Spain, Germany and Turkey). The trend is that of one decisive acceleration towards the transition to digital commerce.

According to B2B buyers, the future will be “hybrid”With the possibility of following both traditional procurement channels and dedicated online platforms. Online platforms are seen as a real point of agreement between buyers and sellers. The study also highlights how established platforms have a greater propensity to trust during the buying and selling processes.

To be able to consult the independent study The Future of B2B E-Commerce: Online Platforms you can visit the official website.

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The company comment

Luca Curtarelli, Country Manager Italy, Spain and Portugal, underlines: “An independent study such as the one carried out by Euromonitor International, represents an important guide in directing the work of all operators in the sector. We want to promote loyalty and strengthen commercial relationships and we know that the path we have taken can only be enriched and bring value to companies “

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