An Xbox console has sold more than a Playstation in Japan

Una console Xbox ha venduto più di una Playstation in Giappone dopo diversi anni thumbnail

An Xbox console overtook its rival Playstation for the first time since 2014 in Japan. The historic overtaking took place in the week between 9 and 15 May. There Xbox Series Sin fact, it managed to overcome the Playstation 5 per unit sold on the Japanese market. Here are the details:

The Xbox Series S beats the Playstation 5 in Japan

Last week they were sold 6120 unit of Xbox Series S in Japan. Microsoft’s console managed to get past the Playstation 5 which, between the standard model and the Digital Edition version, has collected just over 2,600 units sold. Overall, however, Microsoft has sold about 105 thousand units of the Xbox Series S in Japan while Sony has already exceeded 1.5 million units of the Playstation 5. The overtaking is still historic, even if momentary.

The Microsoft home console gathers several admirers in a difficult market like the Japanese one that has always preferred Sony. Most likely, already in the next few weeks, Sony will return to sell more than Microsoft on the Japanese market. However, the overtaking is a small sign that confirms the American manufacturer’s willingness to continue investing in the Japanese market.

Much behind the Series X

Note that the sales of the Xbox Series X they were much smaller than the S Series with just 105 units sold. Overall, however, Microsoft has sold over 99,000 units of its top-of-the-range console in Japan.

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