Android 12: facial gestures arrive

Android 12: arrivano le gesture facciali thumbnail

The new beta on Android 12 introduces a new feature designed for accessibility: le facial gestures. This new feature allows you to control your smartphone using only your face. A really cool feature for people with disabilities who want make the most of your smartphone.

The new beta of Android 12 introduces facial gestures

Some XDA Developers users have noticed a new one accessibility function for the beta of Android 12.0.0, now in its fourth version. In the Android Accessibility Suite, you can find a new feature called “Camera Switches“. When enabled, this feature allows you to use the front camera to recognize your facial expressions. And use them to control your smartphone.

There are several features that you can use on the new version of Android. For instance, by opening your mouth you can operate the notification panel. By raising your eyebrows, you can return to the Home screen. From what it seems, you can decide different actions for each gesture, according to your preferences.

You can also decide to change the time and the “size”Of the gesture (how much to open your mouth or raise your eyebrows), according to your preferences. Using this type of navigation, you can open applications and menus, you can scroll and go back in a page. Also you can hold and drag, navigate the screen, select items and much more.

The novelty also it shouldn’t be exclusive of Android 12. The developers of XDA managed to download the APK (the installation file) and activate it on Android 11. This should ensure that this feature can reach a large number of devices. But before we know if it can be used on your smartphone, we must wait for the official announcements from Google. We will keep you informed.

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