Android 12L: here are the first manufacturers who will support the new OS

Android 12L: ecco i primi produttori che supporteranno il nuovo sistema operativo thumbnail

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Android 12L is coming and will be available in the course of 2022. The new version of Android, designed to guarantee an optimized experience on tablets and foldable devices, has entered the final test phase, the last step in view of the start of marketing. Google has confirmed which partner companies will be the first to use Android 12L.

Android 12L is coming to Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft devices

They will be Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft land first companies to rely on Android 12L. The version of Android 12 optimized for tablets and foldable devices is in beta phase and will be released in a stable version later this year. At the moment, it is not clear which devices will receive the update and which will be the first novelties arriving on the market with 12L as standard.

Surprises and certainties among Google’s partners

The presence of Samsung in the list of the first partners to use Android 12L it is certainly not surprising considering the company’s reference role in the market. Lenovo has already participated in the beta test program of the new version of Android and, therefore, its support is also discounted. On the other hand, the presence of Microsoft which could update the Surface Duo 2 con the new version of Android or may release new devices with the OS. More details on the matter will certainly come in the next few weeks.

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