Android 14: does the launch date leak online?

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There is a rumor online that they would like to see the launch date of Android 14 so close as to be almost surreal: let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated article

And while there is still nothing but talk about the new iPhone 15 and iOS 17, Google seems about to launch a new update for Android on the market. Introduction: the company had already released the first version, in preview for developers, of Android 14 at the beginning of this year. A whole series of public closed and open beta previews then followed, with the aim of launching the final version of the update last month. Release that was then postponed, but a recent rumor (rather insistent now) that appeared online recently would like to see it arrive… tomorrow.

Android 14: does the launch date leak online?

Is the Android 14 launch date really scheduled for tomorrow?

The final Android 14 update could actually be released tomorrow, to coincide with the launch event of the new Pixels. This information comes from Telus, via Droid Life, who indicated that Android U (14) it would be released on all Pixel phones starting October 4, 2023. However, after everyone obviously turned to look at them like they were the elephants in the press, the source removed the information. It is therefore not an official announcement, yet, but it seems quite sensible that Google could make a similar decision.

During tomorrow’s event the new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be launched during a dedicated event, as well as the Pixel Watch 2 and some additional colors for the Pixel Buds Pro. And what about Samsung? Recent rumors had predicted the release of the final version of One UI 6.0 on the same day and week as Google. However, a leaker named Ice Universe declared that the company was planning the release by the end of October 2023. We’ll see, in short.

Eyes and ears focused on tomorrow’s event, where the new Pixels will be presented and, most likely, it will coincide with the launch date of Android 14. Let us know what you think below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on the world of technology. A 360°!

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