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TEAMGROUP launches T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 memory for DESKTOP. Unleash maximum overclocking performance

TEAMGROUP, a leading memory supplier, has drawn on the superb research and development capabilities of T-FORCE LAB to create the latest iteration of T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 memory. Using patented IC classification testing and verification technology, DDR5 frequency upper limits have been raised. Thus creating a high clock speed memory module designed specifically for gamers. Emblazoned with the glorious T-FORCE logo, the XTREEM design exudes confidence and style, befitting the new king of overclocking memory modules.



T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 memory demonstrates incredible overclocking performance to satisfy overclocking enthusiasts around the world. Not only does it use 2mm thick aluminum alloy heatsinks to improve its thermal capacity; It also uses a special thermally conductive silicone to make the heatsinks adhere firmly to the memory and achieve an optimal cooling effect. The surface is also treated with an anodized surface that is resistant to acids, corrosion and rust and is electrically non-conductive; so as to guarantee players greater peace of mind.

The two-piece heat diffuser from T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 is made of thick metal. It has also undergone a sandblasting surface treatment to give it the appearance of hard basalt and the matte black texture reminiscent of a black sand beach. Users can enjoy the excellent overclocking capabilities of XTREEM DDR5 while admiring its elegant design.

Game memory T-FORCE XTREEM DDR5 will be available in speeds of 7600MT/s, 8000MT/s and 8200MT/s and will support on-die ECC. Gamers will be able to dominate the digital battlefield when it launches on Amazon and Newegg in North America at the end of October. If you want to get your hands on the new T-FORCE products and get information on availability, stay tuned to the TEAMGROUP official website.

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