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Android 14 will not allow installing outdated apps

According to the latest news the highly anticipated update Android 14 will have a setting capable of blocking installing outdated apps.

With Android 14, users will no longer be able to install outdated apps

One of the foundations of Play Store it is what developers must necessarily keep their apps up to date, to allow them not only to function properly, but above all to comply with safety standards.

In fact, the Play Store guidelines specifically require developers that apps have a API level 31 or higher to work with Android 12.

However, having made the law, found the deception: the old, out-of-date apps are still available for download for those users who had previously downloaded them. Hence the importance of mounting a block on Android 14 for downloading obsolete applications via one code change.

In fact, this change will make the API requirements are much stricter necessary, with Android 14 responsible for blocking apps intended for older versions of the software. In addition, the new update will also check not only applications from the Play Store, but also those from third parties.

Basically the block will take place if the applications do not respect the minimum standards in line with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).

What is the blocking of outdated apps for?

As reported a few lines further up, Google intends to tighten the requirements for installing apps and force developers to update them to cope with rising security standards.

In fact outdated apps can be a vehicle favored by cybercriminals to infect Android smartphones with malware. However, it will still be possible for users to install outdated apps if they wish, but obviously the procedure will be much longer and more complicated, completely ignoring the Play Store.

In fact, the only way to install obsolete apps with Android 14 will be through a new flag, leaving the user with the burden of assuming all responsibility in the event that the smartphone becomes infected with dangerous malware.

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