Android and dangers: what are the threats to your phone

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The dangers of using your Android phone are real, and taking precautions like installing an antivirus and a VPN is the only way to really be safe.

Android is the most used operating system on the whole planet. Versatility and configuration potential make it an attractive option for many users and developers. Unfortunately, not everyone has benevolent ends, and the freedom to manipulate the interface can lead to spread of computer threats and viruses.

Specifically, while browsing social networks such as Facebook, watching a TV series streaming on Netflix, betting on platforms such as Casino777 online casino or reading news on a blog, without using adequate protection on your phone, it is possible that this being spied on, monitored or blocked.

Dangers for an Android phone

With more than a billion devices worldwide rely on the Android operating system to function, many hackers and bad guys try every day to find holes to attack and scam users. The main dangers to which an Android phone is exposed are:

Data interception and tracking. The first danger concerns the Internet connection. As you browse the web, your phone exchanges data packets with the sites you access, via the network provider. Hackers and criminals can get in the middle of the transmission and carry out an attack called “man-in-the-middle”. This vulnerability is always present, however, it is even more evident in the case in which public hotspots are used to surf the network, often without any protection for users. The ideal solution for this type of threat is to install a VPN.

Scams for email and SMS. The second danger comes directly through email and text messages. Lately, phishing attacks are intensifying more and more. The procedure is always more or less the same. An email or text message is sent pretending to be a legitimate company, such as a telephone operator and banking institution. Subsequently, the user is required to provide data such as passwords, credit card numbers or bank security codes in order to unlock or analyze the compliance of an account. In reality, all this data ends up in the hands of thieves who in the worst cases use it to steal money. In this case the only possible solution is to pay attention and carefully check the communications you receive.

Viruses and malicious applications. The third danger is related to the many applications that can be installed on the phone. Even if Google constantly analyzes the apps available on the official store, the quantity available does not allow accurate verification. The result is that malicious applications could be installed, developed to steal user data or hack devices through malware. In this case, the only really effective solution is to install an antivirus, so as to be sure to identify and block any threats right away.

In summary, the dangers of using your Android phone are real, and taking precautions like installing an antivirus and a VPN is the only way to be able to use your phone freely.