Refurbished iPhone 11 review by CertiDeal: convenient!

iPhone 11 review refurbished by CertiDeal, an excellent choice for those looking for convenience and quality

The smartphone market becomes more fascinating every year and, at the same time, more expensive. So how can you access the best of mobile technology without spending a fortune?

The answer is simple: buy refurbished devices. To prove it, we tested a refurbished iPhone 11 from CertiDeal. Curious to know how he behaved? Here's our full test!

Aesthetic quality | iPhone 11 review refurbished by CertiDeal

Let's start with the aspect that immediately catches the eye: the aesthetic quality. This can be selected by the user before purchasing the product, as the official website of CertiDeal offers numerous options for each iPhone model, each with different levels (about the city) quality.

The model we tested comes in very good condition and effectively masks its refurbished nature (if it were ever needed). You have the impression of holding an almost new product in your hand, carefully finished and visually attractive both on the back and on the front, but let's let the images do the talking:

Autonomy | iPhone 11 review refurbished by CertiDeal

One of the aspects that most worries buyers when purchasing used cars is undoubtedly the quality and the duration of the battery. With CertiDeal, this worry is minimized thanks to the numerous tests (over 30) carried out by experts and the quality guarantee offered, thus allowing you to rest easy… and above all to leave your chargers at home!

The only small inconvenience, but which does not depend on CertiDeal, is a iOS notification which informs us about the origin of the battery, preventing the user from monitoring its status.

Other details

In addition to the excellent battery life, we were also satisfied with the display qualitywhich offers brilliant colors and deep blacks, like a new model at least, in the case of iPhone 11, in fact, we are still talking about IPS technology (not at the level of the latest OLEDs for intensity and contrast).

In any case, even the photographic sector appears to be of excellent quality. In fact, we took several photos and videos, both in bright and low light conditions, and the results were always more than satisfactory.

Purchasing Process | iPhone 11 review refurbished by CertiDeal

Let's now look at what might seem like a stumbling block for many: online purchasing, which however we anticipate to be simple and fast. The CertiDeal website is in fact very intuitive and offers a wide range of iPhones refurbished to choose from. You can select the model (the latest iPhone 15s are also present), the aesthetic grade (ranging from good to premium), the memory capacity and the color. The device comes shipped between 6 days and 24 hoursdepending on the model selected and availability.

But let's get to the crucial point, why choose a refurbished device instead of a new one? There are several reasons, here we list the main three:

  • Economic saving: Refurbished devices are significantly cheaper than new models.
  • Quality guaranteed: Devices refurbished by CertiDeal are subjected to rigorous testing and are guaranteed for 24 months.
  • Sustainability: Purchasing a refurbished device is a more sustainable choice than purchasing a new model, as the environmental impact is reduced.

Refurbished iPhone 11 review by CertiDeal: convenient!Refurbished iPhone 11 review by CertiDeal: convenient!


Ultimately, we can only recommend the purchase of a refurbished CertiDeal, thanks to the quality guarantee, the considerable possibility of choice and the final yield of the products. If you still have doubts but still want to try one of the refurbished ones offered, know that it is possible test a device for 21 daysso as to definitively eliminate any doubts!

To access the CertiDeal catalog and start saving, click here. In the meantime, we'll see you again at the next review, here on techgameworld.com.

Points in favor

  • Overall quality
  • Satisfactory autonomy
  • Wide choice and customization in the catalogue
  • Advantageous prices

Points against

  • iOS notification sometimes a little intrusive