Android, cancellare la cronologia Google con un tocco thumbnail

Android, clear Google history with one tap

Android, clear Google history with one tap thumbnail

The last 15 minutes of Google history deleted with a single tap on your smartphone Android: an easy way to delete your data. The new functionality for the privacywhich iPhone users have been trying since last summer, also arrives on Android.

Clear the last 15 minutes of Google history with one tap on Android

Some users have already been able to experiment with the setting, which is coming to all Android smartphones with the Google app. A quick and easy way to protect your privacy and delete your data.

To take advantage of the new quick cancellation, just enter the Google app on your Android smartphone. At this point you just have to:

  • Selected yours profile (the icon with your photograph or the initial of your name at the top right)
  • After the update, you will see: Delete the last 15 minutes under Chronology
  • Touch the item and you will delete the history of the last quarter of an hour. Easy, right?

google mandiant

This option makes it particularly easy to delete the most recent history. But by tapping on the History item you can also use all the other options that the search giant offers. Like the ability to delete in automatic your history after 3, 18 or 36 months. You can also manually scroll through your entire history and delete any searches you don’t want to be logged.

Comprehensive options. But they don’t have the speed of clicking a single button to delete the most recent data. This new option does just that. IPhone users have been able to try it since last summer, leaving positive feedback to Google. Which now extends the functionality to the operating system that it develops itself.

However, Google has not yet announced whether or not it wants to make this setting available in the Chrome browser, which has dominated the desktop market for years now.

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