Android will store the Apps to free up space on the smartphone

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Dear Android users, Google has found a solution to free up storage space on your smartphones. From what was announced, in fact, the technological giant has “started working” on a new functionality that will allow archive applications. Therefore, when a user decides to archive an App that he no longer uses, Android will uninstall a part of it. This should allow you to free up 60% of the storage space assigned to each application, greatly improving the amount of remaining memory.

Android: Google will allow the storage of Apps to free up memory

“Storage is a new feature that will allow users to temporarily reclaim approximately 60% of the app’s storage space by removing parts of the app rather than completely uninstalling it. An archived app will remain on the device and the user can easily restore it to the latest compatible version available, while preserving user data “. So they report Lydia Gaymond e Vicki Amin in a post announcing the new Google Android feature. But how will it really work? Apparently, in order to keep the data inherent to the App, Android will generate an archived APK file. This way users will be able to retrieve archived data in the application when they decide to reactivate it.

Thanks to the new function, therefore, owners of Android smartphones will not have to periodically uninstall applications to recover some memory. And they no longer have to expand the phone’s storage with an SD card. In short, it would be a fairly definitive solution for the memory of smartphones. Although Google said it was only at the beginning of the development of the option. At the moment, in fact, the company has limited itself to making the archived APKs available to all developers using the App Bundle, the release format for Google Play.

“Once launched, archiving will offer great benefits to both users and developers. Instead of uninstalling an App, users would be able to ‘archive’ it; free up space temporarily and be able to reactivate the app quickly and easily. Developers can take advantage of fewer uninstalls and substantially less friction to resume with their favorite apps. ” Thus the Google Android App storage function is announced, which it should be available by 2022. Indeed, maybe we could even see it with the release of Android 13 next September, who knows.

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