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Angelbird: announced the new SDXC range

Today, the Angelbird company announced its new range of higher capacity SDXC memory cards

Angelbird Technologies GmbH releases the latest edition of their multimedia SD cards (here for more info) SDXC UHS-II leading the way in NEW greater capabilities. AV PRO SD MK2 V60 in 512 GB e 1 TB. In addition, the launch of theAV PRO SD MK2 V90 da 512 GB. An SD card is an essential cog. Whether you work in production or with a range of camera models, an SD card can offer the widest range of compatibility and versatility. As most camera models and digital recording devices use this legacy card format. Although SD cards possess the ability to capture 4K + RAW photos and video content, the decision to record at high resolution settings often involves a trade-off due to capacity limitations.

Supporting the growing demand for higher resolution content, Angelbird releases its tabs SDXC UHS-II larger capacity available up to 1 TB. AV PRO SD MK2 V60 and V90 cards are fully capable of capturing high bit rate files with sustained fast write speeds across the card’s full capacity.

Angelbird: announced the new SDXC range

Details on the new Angelbird SDXC range

In the main range of SDXC media cards, CFast 2.0 e CFexpress Type B di Angelbird, there is an emphasis on “Sustained Speed” performance that shakes an industry that has been geared towards “Top Speed”. This shift in perspective allows the producer to have clarity on how media will perform in real-world production environments. So that media needs and filming schedules can be carefully assessed and planned.

The new greater capacities of the cards AV PRO SD MK2 have a minimum speed V60 or V90. However, these cards are equipped with the technology Stable Stream to optimize recording performance for the full capacity of the card (and for the duration of the recording session). With minimum sustained write speeds of 140MB / s (V60) and 260MB / s (V90) respectively.


1 TB maximum capacity UHS-II SDXC card available, for capturing 4+ resolution video, detailed photos, time lapse sequences and sequential photographs in raw and compressed format. Support the latest DSLR technology and mirrorless camera with advanced AV PRO SD MK2 V60 memory card. Capture video full frame with 4K + resolutiontime-lapse and sequential burst photographs in RAW or JPEG formats with fast sustained write performance of 140MB / s.

The AV PRO SD MK2 V60 512GB excels at capturing extended time-lapse sequences. Built to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -25°C a 85°C (-13 ° F to 185 ° F). The solid build quality of this card makes it ideal for documentary work and for traveling in extreme environments such as deserts, high altitudes or arctic conditions. Available capacities: 64 GB | 128 GB | 256 GB | 512 GB | 1 TB.

Angelbird: announced the new SDXC range


High-speed UHS-II SDXC card available with maximum speed up to 512GB, to support long video shooting and fast 4k + raw photography. The AV PRO SD MK2 V90 pushes the limits of performance as safely as possible with sustained write speeds of 260MB / s. Equipped with Stable Stream performance technology, ideal for high-definition, lossless (drop-free) video recording. And for crisp, smooth burst photo images. Expect solid performance in extreme temperatures (from -25°C a 85°C | from -13 ° F to 185 ° F). Available in a range of capacities with wide range camera compatibility. Real-world performance and reliability make this card an ideal option for travel and documentaries. Available capacities: 64 GB | 128 GB | 256 GB | 512 GB.

Remarkable features of AV PRO SD MK2 V60 and V90

  • Speed ​​performance backed by stable flow. It ensures uninterrupted read / write performance for the entire capacity of the card.
  • Integrated write protect switch. Prevents accidental file deletion and card formatting.
  • Adaptive Power Management. Low power consumption and bus-powered components minimize battery life for better runtime.
  • Rock solid build quality. Protects from moisture, X-rays / magnets, shocks, dust and extreme operating temperatures ranging from -25 ° C to 85 ° C (-13 ° F to 185 ° F).
  • Without stickers. A smooth surface with no engraved serial number stickers to avoid potential card jams or swapping.
  • Fast data download. Quickly jump into post-production work or download it to manage card capacity when combined with Angelbird dual SD card reader that supports 10 Gb / s data transfers.
  • USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 compatible host system

Angelbird: announced the new SDXC range

3 Year Warranty AND Free Data Recovery Service

these products have a 3 year warranty. Plus, take advantage of Angelbird’s renowned personalized customer service with a free internal hardware and software data recovery service.

And you? what do you think of this new range of SDXC from Angelbird? tell us yours below in the comments and stay connected on, for the latest news from the world of technology (and not only!).

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