Animal Crossing: New Horizons opens up to royal cuisine with

Animal Crossing: New Horizons si apre alla cucina reale con thumbnail

Animal Crossing: New Horizonsthe well-known life simulator for Nintendo Switch console family with over 37 million copies sold around the world, with the new free update 2.0gives itself a new possibility: that of cooking dishes starting with ingredients such as wheat, fruit, vegetables and much more.

For this, Animal Crossing Lifeone of the largest Italian communities dedicated to the world of Animal Crossingjoined in a special collaboration with Buonissimo.itthe vertical of Italiaonline dedicated to cooking and healthy eating, with beyond 10,000 between recipes and video recipes, explained step by step. The union of these two worlds has led to the publication of a series of recipes that allow you to recreate the virtual dishes of the title in real life Nintendo.

The appointment with the recipes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons it’s every Thursday on Instagram profiles @goodmomagazine, @acldaily come on Buonissimo.itwhere it will be possible to follow the procedure for preparing the dishes step by step, such as for example pasta with sauce, salmon carpaccio, mushroom crêpe and apple tart .

Animal Crossing: New Horizons marked the debut of the Animal Crossing series on Nintendo Switch and introduced new features such as the creation of objects, new ways of decorating both interiors and exteriors, the exclusive Nook Phone and so much more. As in the previous games of the series, players can undertake many different activities and meet new and old characters, while enjoying in peace the passing of the seasons on the island, which follow in all respects those of real life.

And the growth of the stock does not seem to stop. Animal Crossing: New Horizons in fact, it continues to be enriched with new features. Thanks to this latest collaboration with Buonissimo.itenthusiasts will have the opportunity to indulge themselves not in virtual stoves, but also in real ones.