Anime Breakfast FAST: Yami Shibai e l’horror in pillole!

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On the occasion of Halloween we want to talk to you, in this new and very fast Anime Breakfast, about Yami Shibai, a series of self-contained mini-episodes produced by the ILCA studio: get ready for real horror, but this time in small doses

Last week, in the last episode of Anime Breakfast, we reviewed with you, in a quick Top five positions, some of the best Japanese horror-themed animated series that you can watch, alone or in company, for Halloween night. We have deliberately left out a series in order to be able to talk about it more accurately in another episode, again linked to the upcoming All Saints’ Day celebration, and which seems to us to be the most appropriate choice for spending an anime-themed evening. Let’s cut it short and enter the Theater of Horrors: let’s talk about Yami Shibai.

Anime Breakfast FAST: Yami Shibai e l'horror in pillole!

Pillol horror | Anime Breakfast FAST: Yami Shibai e l’horror in pillole!

Yami Shibai is not really a series, but rather an anthology. It was born in 2013, with a very popular season and which was followed, over the following years, by another ten. The eleventh season, consisting of 13 episodes, aired in the summer of this year. What might sound strange is the timing being so close together: how is it possible to create so many episodes in such a short time? Simple: each episode of Yami Shibai is just 4 minutes long. This in no way diminishes the complexity of the series from the ILCA studio, directed by Tomoya Takashima and composed by Hiromu Kumamoto. Almost 150 episodes in 10 years, all different from each other, which all start from the same premise: Japanese folklore.

Every afternoon at five a strange masked man, called Gaito Kamishibaiya, shows up at the playground with his mobile theater. Through the use of paper puppets, Gaito represents various horror stories, urban legends and typical narratives of Japanese horror folklore. One of the most recognizable features of the series is its unique visual style. To make the episodes, the ILCA studio used an animation technique that perfectly reflects the kamishibai theatrea traditional Eastern method of storytelling in which stories are presented using pictures drawn on wooden boards.

Anime Breakfast FAST: Yami Shibai e l'horror in pillole!

Minimal enough | Anime Breakfast FAST: Yami Shibai and horror in a nutshell!

A very minimal style, therefore, that he uses static images in a disturbing atmosphere, greatly increasing the feeling of oppression. The series is made up of self-contained episodes, as we said at the beginning, and although it may seem strange it is a damn good format for the objective of the series. The possibility of telling a vast range of stories and legends quickly and effectively, with always new characters and horror elements, ensures that the viewer is never bored by what happens on the screen and can catch up on the series even in one go. breath.

And despite the short duration of the episodes, an excellent job was still done with the narration, which always appears to be bordering on terror, and with a good alternation of tones and styles which, while remaining within the genre to which it belongs, they move from mystery to supernaturalthrough classic splatter and simply scary.

Anime Breakfast FAST: Yami Shibai e l'horror in pillole!

Good evening!

This horror Breakfast Anime about Yami Shibai ends here, very quickly and with little depth, because there really isn’t much to say about the series. We just wanted to offer it to you as an alternative way to spend your Halloween evening, whether you’re alone or not. Perhaps, however, in this case, it would be better to see her in company. Never mind that someone could sneak up behind you secretly. See you soon!

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