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Announcing the new NVIDIA Jetson AGX with 32 GB

In the last few hours, the availability of the new 32 GB NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin production modules has been announced

Bringing new artificial intelligence and robotics applications and products to market, or supporting existing ones, can be difficult for developers and companies. The production module NVIDIA Jetson AGX Music supports 32 GB, now available, is here to come to our aid. Nearly three dozen technology vendors in the NVIDIA partner network (click here for more company information) around the world are offering commercially available products based on the new module. This, in fact, offers performance up to 6 times higher compared to the previous generation.

Details on the new 32GB NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin production modules

With a wide range of partner offers Jetson, developers can build and deploy Orin-equipped systems. These are feature rich, equipped with cameras, sensors, software and connectivity suitable for edge AI, robotics, AIoT and embedded applications. Production-ready systems with peripheral options enable customers to address challenges in the manufacturing, retail and construction industries. And more agriculture, logistics, healthcare, smart cities, last mile deliveries and more.

Create AI-powered products that are more capable and faster

Traditionally, developers and engineers have been limited in their ability to handle multiple simultaneous data streams for complex application environments. They faced stringent latency requirements, energy efficiency constraints, and problems with high-bandwidth wireless connectivity. And they need to be able to easily manage software updates over-the-air. They were also forced to include more chips in their designs for take advantage of computing resources required to process large amounts of data. NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin overcomes all these challenges.


Il Jetson AGX Orin developer kit, capable of up to 275 trillion operations per second, it supports a myriad of concurrent AI applications. Featuring an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU, deep learning and next-generation vision accelerators, high-speed I / O, and fast memory bandwidth. With Jetson AGX Orin, customers can develop solutions using i larger and more complex artificial intelligence models. This solves problems such as natural language understanding, 3D perception, and multisensor fusion. The four production modules based on Jetson Orin, announced at GTC, offer customers a full range of server-class AI performance. The 32GB Jetson AGX Orin module is now available for purchase, while the 64 GB version will be available in November. Two Orin NX production modules will arrive later this year.

Software NVIDIA Jetson

Production systems are supported by the stack software NVIDIA Jetson. This has enabled thousands of companies and millions of developers to build and deploy fully Jetson-based AI solutions. Beyond JetPack SDK, which includes the NVIDIA CUDA-X stack, Jetson Orin supports multiple NVIDIA platforms and frameworks. How Isaac for robotics, DeepStream for computer vision, Riva for understanding natural language. And again PEOPLE Toolkit to accelerate model development with pre-trained models e Metropolis. Finally, an application framework, developer toolset and partner ecosystem that combines visual data and artificial intelligence. This is to improve operational efficiency and safety in all sectors. Customers are bringing their next generation robotics and artificial intelligence applications to market. All this much faster by emulating any production module based on Jetson Orin and the Jetson AGX Orin development kit.

Expanding the developer community and Jetson partner ecosystem

More than 1 million of developers and over 6,000 companies are building commercial products on the NVIDIA Jetson robotic computing and artificial intelligence platform. This is to create and deploy autonomous machines and perimeter artificial intelligence applications. With over 150 members, Jetson’s growing ecosystem of partners offers a wide range of support, including from companies specializing in artificial intelligence software. In addition of course to those that offer hardware and application design services, cameras, sensors and peripherals, development tools and development systems. About 32 partners offer commercially available products, powered by the new module Jetson AGX Musicwhich are packed with options to support cutting-edge applications and accelerate time-to-market.

Availability of components and the new NVIDIA module

  • Developers who they are looking for carrier cards and complete hardware systems they will find a range of options from AAEON, Auvidea, Connect Tech, MiiVii, Plink-AI, Realtimes and TZTEK to suit their needs.
  • Are available over 350 options cameras and sensors from Allied Vision, Appropho, Basler AG, e-Con Systems, Framos, Leopard Imaging, LIPS, Robosense, Shenzhen Sensing, Stereolabs, Thundersoft, Unicorecomm and Velodyne. These can support harsh indoor / outdoor lighting conditions, as well as features such as lidars for mapping, locating and navigation in robotics and autonomous machines.
  • For a full software support such as device management, operating systems (Yocto and Realtime OS), AI software and toolkits, developers can turn to Allxon, Cogniteam, Concurrent Realtime, Deci AI, DriveU, Novauto, RidgeRun and Sequitur Labs.
  • And for the connectivity optionsincluding WiFi 6 / 6E, LTE and 5G, developers can check out the product offerings from Telit, Quectel, Infineon and Silex.

The new 32GB NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin production module is available from distribution and retail partners around the world.

And you? What do you think of these new production modules NVIDIA Jetson AGX Music supports 32 GB? Let us know with a comment and stay tuned to for more news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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